21 Amazing Images Before and After Photoshop


Editing images in Photoshop has now become incredibly popular. But few people realise just how much this programme can transform a photo beyond recognition. The photos below prove once again that whilst photographers who take entirely natural shots can achieve incredible results, digital enhancement can also work wonders!

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1© Eugene Sagunov

2© Cyril Trotsenko

3© MilenaDorfman

4© Sviateslay B

5© Veronika Stepanova

6© Natalia Zolotareva

7© Penumbra

8© Eugene Kuptsov

9© Irina Khutornoi

11© Ljholloway Photography

12© Nastenko Slastenka

14© Dmitry Vstavskih

17© Pavel Bondarenko

18© Crow Bloody

19Natalya Zolotarava

21© Ksenya Alis

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