Book Launches at 3rd Comic Con India – Feb 8-10


1. Title-  The Adventures of Timpa- LEGACY OF THE GODS (Comic) Published By: Pop Culture Publishing Author & Creator: Jhangir Kerawala The synopsis: Your favourite childhood adventurer and his goofy grandfather are back again after 2 decades! Relive the Adventures of Timpa, back in print by Pop Culture Publishing, with ‘Legacy of the Gods’! Timpa uncovers definite proof of the existence of Ancient Extraterrestrials, with secrets that will change the course of existence for Mankind! A race is on between two world superpowers to get their hands on these secrets, will Timpa be able to save the secrets of Ancient Aliens, or will it be lost forever in the ruins of Murshidabad?

2.Title-  The Adventures of Timpa- The Soothsayer Of Sealdah  (Paperback Novel) Published By: Pop Culture Publishing Author & Creator: Jhangir Kerawala The Synopsis: This book is first of the series, ‘The Adventures of Timpa’.Timpa’s best friend, Rossi, is going through a series of misfortunes. First he goes through a mysterious illness, which even the doctors cannot diagnose. Next his younger brother runs away from home and gets kidnapped. Rossi can think of only Timpa to help him out of his dilemma. To make matters worse, Timpa’s father brings in the news that the President of the United States of America was to visit the city… and a contract of Fifty Million U.S Dollars has been offered for his assassination.Timpa plunges headlong into this quagmire of situations. But he receives help from an unexpected quarter… a blind beggar at Sealdah Station.Read Timpa’s adventures as he encounters dangers and mysteries, from murderous Calcutta to beautiful Darjeeling, from the treacherous mountains of Ghoom to the mysterious Barasat, and finally, to the realms of the Unknown.

3.Title- Mother Teresa: Angel of the Slums Published By: Campfire Publishing The Synopsis: In the 1940’s, Calcutta had become decimated by famine, poverty, war and unemployment. Slums began to surface throughout the city and thousands were homeless, dying of disease or starvation. Alone and forgotten, these poorest of the poor were desperate for someone, anyone, to recognize their plight and help them. That help arrived in the form of Mother Teresa. Albanian-born, Mother Teresa knew from a young age that she wanted to become a nun and devote her life to God. What she could not envision, however, was exactly where that service to God would take her. Sent to Calcutta to teach history and geography from within the safe confines of a convent, Mother Teresa could not ignore the plight of the homeless and the dying. So she chose to give up everything in her life to serve those most in need.  With nothing but her faith to guide her, she took to the slums with the hope that she could make a difference in the lives of at least a few lost souls. And with her pure heart and beautiful spirit, she wound up touching millions.

4. Title- The War of the Independents  Published By: Vimanika Comics The Synopsis: The War of the Independents raves across the multiverse, and in this issue the supermen are on their way to Norway to locate the fabled hammer, belt and gloves of Thor, the legendary Norse god of thunder. Meanwhile the villain, Maldestrak — a being of godlike power  who is pure evil , and bent on the utter destruction of all forms of life — arrives there first acquires the magical items as well as their incredible power; then proceeds to kick everyone’s butts. Guest stars this issue include the Tick, Atomica, Karna and El Gato Negro, as well as many others.

5. Title- Kuru Genesis Published By: Self Published and Written by Anisha Sridhar and Ari Jayaprakash The Synopsis: Kuru Genesis serves as a prelude to the upcoming novellascape ‘The Kuru Chronicles’ which releases later this year. The book includes chapters, panels,concept art, visions and words behind the Kuru Chronicles. Set in a  dystopian Calcutta, on a cold winter morning, 5 entities are brought together in a singularly extraordinary event. Kuru Genesis includes ink splashes, digital art and photography by creator and artist Ari Jayaprakash. The book also features prose and thoughts by author Anisha Sridhar from the final novel.

6. Title- P5, Special Edition Book Published By: RudraMatsa Entertainment” (RME) The Synopsis: Anime inspired P5 Comics elaborate the story of “Kuru regime is in search of their next prince, as the story revolves around the adventures of five charming and uniquely talented Pandavas and their journey from rigorous training at Dronacharya’s hermitage to winning spectacularly at a competition held in the city of Panchal. With instructions on craftsmanship of a warrior from Krupacharya, constant encouragement from Bhishma Pitamah, and the resentful competition from their cousins—The Kauravas— The Pandavas excel at the art of warfare and aesthetics”

7. Title- The Unhappy Tiger – Stories from the Hitopadesha Published By: Amar Chitra Katha The Synopsis: A haughty tiger, a tyrannical elephant, a serene rishi, an innocent pigeon, a hungry jackal, a loyal crow – these are all characters from the Hitopadesha.The Hitopadesha is a collection of fables in Sanskrit, written by Narayan in the 11th or 12th century. It has been popular ever since. The Hitopadesha teaches simple lessons of life and morality, shrewdness and folly, where each character carries its own precept about the nature of wisdom.

8. Title- Tinkle (Hindi) Published By: Amar Chitra Katha The Synopsis: The Tinkle toons are as talented as they are funny. And this time, they’ve learnt a new language. If you don’t believe us, pick up a copy of the ‘Tinkle Special Digest’ and witness your favourite Tinkle toons speaking Hindi! That’s right… your favourite comic characters are now available in Hindi! Shikari Shambu with all his jungle jamborees,Tantri the Mantri with his evil schemes, Suppandi with his quirky thought processes andKalia the Crow with his heroic escapades… all of them await you in this awesome 80-page collection of stories. And let’s not forget all the fun activities and learning Tinkle always brings you. So what say? Are you ready to brush up your Hindi skills?

9. Title- Dashaavatar Vol 2 Varaha Avaatar Published By: Vimanika Comics The Synopsis: Sage Kashyap curses her wife Diti that she will give birth to two powerful Asuras who would torment the entire mankind due to her irrational demand. When Diti shows remorse, Sage Kashyap promises her that her sons would be killed by avtaars of Lord Vishnu. Jay and Vijay, the twin guards at Vaikuntha (abode of Lord Vishnu) are unable to recognise the sons of Brahma and stop them from entering Lord Vishnu’s personal chamber. The sons of Brahma curse them with banishment from Vaikuntha. When given a choice by Lord Vishnu, the twin guards choose to take birth thrice on earth as arch enemies of Lord Vishnu and come back to Vaikuntha after their deaths instead of permanent banishment from Vaikuntha. The twins take birth as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu, the sons of Diti. Hiranyaksha’s atrocities forces Lord Vishnu to assume the form of a majestic boar in a bid to slay Hiranyaksha.

Main Attraction at CCI: “Special unveiling – ‘Satya Police’, a graphic novel” One of the main attractions at this year’s Comics Convention is the Special Unveiling of ‘Satya Police’, a graphic novel. Last year, CCI announced the publication of ‘Satya Police’ by Mohit Srivastav & Gagandeep Kochar, the first-ever winners of the 1st Comic Con India Awards Grant. They won a cash prize of Rs. 50, 000 & a publication deal from Pop Culture Publishing.  Published By: Pop Culture Publishing Authors: Mohit Srivastav & Gagandeep Kochar Synopsis of “Satya Police”: Satyavrat Bhargava is a renowned and beloved police man, who has dedicated every inch of his body to serving the nation with truth and justice. The man, literally, with a white shadow and a boomerang, will be covered by a news channel, live in action, while he saves the world in the most unconventional ways. However, our hero finds himself in distress when a plot against him, transfers him to a city that has lost all hope for sanity and justice. Comic Con India is a unique event celebrating the illustrated medium, which brings together the whole comics industry and related fields such as Merchandise, Toys, Games, Films and Animation, along with fans of this culture from all age groups.

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