This Eye-Opening Super Mario Video On Syria Crisis Will Make You Think Millions of Times


Super Mario Run is out! It’s currently trending globally across platforms, but while some of us running with Mario, there is a part of the world that is currently going through one of the largest humanitarian crises in our lifetime. What’s happening in Syria is not a game. Does this video make you feel uncomfortable? This game is a reminder of the harsh reality that many Syrians have been facing since the start of the war.


From barrel bomb attacks to chemical weapons to refugees escaping by sea, what is taking place daily is real. Unlike Mario, Syrians don’t get more than one life. Let’s not forget what’s happening in Syria.

Millions of people lost their lives in Syria in terrorist attacks, This video, uploaded by BRKN shows what would have happened if Mario had to run in Syria and it sends a chill down the spine by just watching it.

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