UNITY – the World’s Leading Game Engine – Issues Mumbai’s 1st Authorized Training Center to FX School


FX School is proud to announce that it is now Mumbai’s first and onlyUnity Authorised Training Centre. Unity is the world’s leading game engine with a greater than 50% market share. It has been used to design popular games such as Assassin’s Creed, Temple Run and Angry Birds. Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partners are organizations that have met strict standards of excellence and are authorized to offer training courses and Unity Certification Exams on behalf of Unity Technologies. There are only 22 of them worldwide and FX School now joins this select group of handpicked training partners.

“We’re committed to supporting the development of innovative content creators in the ever expanding digital marketplace.  The Unity Developer Certification sets an industry standard that will transfer a student’s passion for games into a successful career in game design and development,” says Evan Spytma, Head of Education – Asia, Unity Technologies. “FX School, a leading game design programme and official Unity Authorised Training Centre, is committed to every graduating student being certified and successful in the marketplace.”


The FX School gaming faculty is looking forward to implementing the Unity courseware. Atanu Roy, Technical Director, CG, VFX & Gaming, is of the opinion that students “will be amazed by Unity’s WebGL Support, which makes online gaming a seamless and hassle-free experience.”

Ruth Mapgaonkar, Gaming faculty at FX School says,  “What I love about Unity is how simple but powerful it is. It’s really intuitive and probably one of the easiest game engines to grasp.”

“From being an avid gamer, to becoming a Unity faculty, my transition from someone who plays a game to someone who can teach how to make a game has been super easy as Unity is very easy to understand and use, but at the same time very powerful and future-ready with full and seamless support for VR and AR,” says MazdiarSantoke, Gaming faculty.

FX School was the first institute in India to offer a Virtual Reality Game Design and Development Course, which waslaunched in September 2015. This intensive Diploma Course trains students in all aspects of making a game from scratch, giving students the know-how to create high-end 3D games enabled for the Oculus Rift as well as for PCs and gaming consoles.

The Unity Certification Program will be a significant addition to FX School’s Virtual Reality Game Design and Development course.CB Arun Kumar, the Academic Director of FX School says, “Unity is the dominant game development platform in the mobile & VR segments that accounted for more than US$37 Billion in revenues in 2016. Through the Unity Certified Developer Program our students can now proudly become part of this exploding marketplace.”

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