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Turbo :Vroomatic!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By : Abhinav Jha    At 02-08-2013 22:50:56


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Review by Abhinav Jha

Voicing Ryan Reynolds as Turbo,  the movie is basically about a snail who dreams of winning the Indy 500. Really, when  in this age Animators are running short of ideas of original new characters, the makers of Turbo has been pressed to come up with the most extreme underdog tale they could think of. Let’s have a glimpse what makes this movie Vroomatic!

It’s speed freaks time! Yup, a movie revolving about a snail dreaming of comnig out of his clan and win the Indy 500 is the basic layout of this Dreamworks production. Director David Soren has tried his best to squeeze out the best of this movie with story line up, animation, VFX  and lots more.

Like the many other kid animated movie line up, this movie also teaches nothing different but “everything can be conquered no matter what”, but in a speed freaking or Vroomatic manner.

Coming back to the story, what happens is our little snail coming late one night upon a Fast & Furious drag race gets sucked into an engine. Instead of being toasted, our little guy gets infused with DNA enabling him to vroom along the ground freaky fast.

Well, all-in-all, Dreamworks this attempt can be said worth valuable with respect to the mixture of all-in-one-mixed kiddie line up after Despicable me2.

Turbo, a vroomatic movie is a must watch for speed freaks!!

Rating - 3/5

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