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Amul baby effect the creative ads campaign of 2012
Creativity is always honored by respect because it specifics someone feeling and saying in a single visualization. When we talk about creativity we can think about one of the amazing creative ad banners been created by AMUL, as its wonderful unforgettable taste in its entire product all its creative banners are unforgettable too. This creativity is not only respected in INDIA it is been respected all over the world, and it deserves that. We would really like to appreciate the team behind this for this hard work and awesome thinking which has made them so successful and message spreading medium.

Even if we have a chit chat about the entertainment advertisement and some related stuffs still we can take this AMUL effect on the first phase of our sight. It has been really and entertaining ads medium. This advertise has no specific sector or target to be aimed on it can be in relation to anything sports, politics, entertainments, business or any other field, any of the messages from any of these respective field can be spread by this AMUL creative ads giving it an special AMUL effect.
From the beginning of this era in 1995 by MR Manish Zaveri who scripted this ad for the first time it has been one of the most wonderful and commercial creative ads spreading news and messages on every topics. And this creativity is been respected by every citizen regardless his age or gender.

Image Source - Amul
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