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Animation  industry in India Road ahead
Indian animation entertainment industry is a highly fragmented industry, means that most skill sets are at the lower end of the value chain.Content development and pre-production activities are nascent in India. Though there are a few firms offering world-class capabilities for India to emerge as a global animation hub.

Size, Growth & Segments Animation Industry Size, Growth & Segmental Split
TV channels dedicated to animation and kids & Upcoming animation movies
Movie Produced by
HNB / Deva Nextgen Animation Media Ltd.
Sultan Saundrya / Rajnikant
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Karan Johar
Delhi Safari Krayon Pictures
Arjun UTV Motion Pictures
EKEH 2.0 Motion Pixel
Shivaji Nilesh Rane & V.L. Satyam
Mahabharata Dhanapal Padmanathan
Recent Trends and Growth Indicators
The Animation Entertainment Industry in India is expected to be shaped by trends and growth drivers in both domestic (Contribution: 25% in 2010) and Outsourcing (Contribution: 75% in 2010).
Animation gradually comes of age
Animation has gradually come of age from its perception of being only for kids. Increasing viewership of animation content among adults as a percentage viewership of kids’ channels indicates, substantial increase in viewership for the 14+ age group category.
Growing Focus on Kids’ Genre
In 2010, 2 channels for kids were launched. The number of TV channels dedicated to animation and kids has been steadily increasing in India. Moreover, the share of kids’ genre in overall TV viewership has been rising significantly, which indicates the growing demand for animation content in India.

The Indian Animation industry was worth US$ 631 million in 2011 and is expected to grow at CAGR of 23% to reach US$ 961 million by 2013

Global channels cater to original Indian content
The demand for original Indian content has been increasing over the years. This focus on originally produced content has been witnessed across kids’ channels in India.
Comics’ Players: Increasing scope for character licensing
The rising number of TV channels, greater accessibility to Internet, proliferation of mobile devices that leads to the popularity of video and gaming content is set to offer a huge potential for the animation and character licensing in India.
Increasing influence of comics’ players in the animation industry
Diamond Comics considers the launch of a TV channel with shows based on some of its popular characters in animated versions, including Chacha Chaudhary.May also look at promoting and selling them on other digital platforms like Internet, television,Direct-to-Home (DTH) and mobiles Large production houses are also buying rights from these publishers to produce animated TV series - Big Animation Pvt. Ltd has bought rights from publishers of Chandamama to produce an animated TV series In Oct 2008, Toonz Animation entered into a partnership with Chandamama India to produce a full-length animated feature film based on a prime property from the library of Chandamama The dog-masked popular superhero from Raj Comics is set to be developed into a movie by film maker Anurag Kashyap.
Growth in e-learning to drive custom content development
Growth in e-learning market has been rapid in the past few years and is expected to continue going forward. However, the market is now expected to be more mature and stable. Major markets for e-learning globally are the US and western European nations across both educational institutions and Corporate Sector for training purposes. Currently, e-learning initiatives amongst mid-sized firms and SMEs are low. However, a large number of these small and mid-sized companies are expected to show willingness to adopt e-learning,the main drivers being cost savings and wider reach.
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