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George Ferris shares doodle honour with Valentine’s Day
Google today celebrates Valentine's Day and 154th birthday of George Ferris with an animated and colorful doodle.Riding on a Ferris wheel, suddenly your eyes fall on to that beautiful face in the crowd- the world turns red, the music doesn't seem to stop and your heart rate just goes up at the thought of finding the perfect love on Valentine's Day. This is what Google exactly does with its interactive two-in-one doodle. It takes you through a joyride on the Ferris wheel with sixteen animals narrating their experience of love in 10 uniquely different ways on this Valentine's Day. Pushing the heart button on the doodle spins the wheels and brings up love stories of different animals, pictorially. Of all the 16 characters, Fox is the only animal who is single on this Valentine's Day and prefers spending time watching TV at home.George Ferris, born on February 14, 1859 in Illinois, is most famous for designing and building the original Ferris wheel for an exposition in Chicago in 1893.

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