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Indian animation industry to grow by 23% in 4 years
Looking for a bright career in the field of animation? Now is the time, as the Indian animation industry is poised to grow by about 23 percent in the next four years. According to a recent report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers International Limited, an international level business consulting service provider, country's animation arena is likely to expand by about 23 per cent in the next four years. This means that the value of the industry that was estimated at Rs 18.5 billion in 2009 will now be a whopping Rs 54 billion by the year 2014. And this income has mainly been generated due to the growing reputation of India as a quality destination to outsource animation work.
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This new phenomenon has now even arrived in small cities and towns where the fever of play stations, internet and mobile gaming is at an all-time high, thus creating not just awareness among the people but making it a popular career option among students.Informing more about the industry, Lokesh Gupta, director of Academy of Animation And Gaming, said: "The animation curriculum is designed in a manner so as to develop creativity among students. It gives requisite thrust on foundation art, 2D/3D animation and multimedia. Regular workshops from industry experts and outdoor classes are held in animation institutes to help students gain knowledge in the field of animation." He further added, "There is a lot of stress on Interactive Learning Approach (ILA) which makes sure students get involved in the learning process and are able to understand the concept better."Talking further about the subject, Piyush Kapoor, center head of a renowned animation institute says, "The past 3-4 years have witnessed a huge growth in the electronic, print as well as web media. The growth of animation industry is exponentially high as the operating cost is far less than the metros and at the same time the manpower here is equally efficient and experienced."

Animation courses in 2D which include mobile games and cartoons or 3D which teach about architectural walk through, television commercials, movies and special effects, have indeed opened up great job opportunities for young aspirants.Coming up of several production houses taking keen interest in producing not just animated films and commercials for a global audience but the increasing popularity of on line and mobile games have also added to the growth of animation industry and raised demand for professionals. "Awareness all across has grown manifold with more and more fine art students opting for animation industry The fee structure starting from 50,000 one lakh is considerably lower than four lakh charged in bigger cities," informs Rajesh Varshney, owner, of another animation institute.

Another factor that has added to the phenomenal growth of animation industry is the anticipated rise of gaming, an allied industry. Be it metro cities or small towns, the gaming industry is rapidly becoming popular with not just youngsters, but serious gamers making the most of gaming and animation world All in all, expansion of the industry means that the time is ripe for students having creative inclination to dabble into virtual world and with fun!
Growing demand
In the last couple of years, awareness about a career in animation has grown manifold, with more and more fine art students opting for the animation industry.

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