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Shekhar Kapur and A R Rahman launch Qyuki, a social network for creativity Film-maker Shekhar Kapur and Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman have finally launched their social media platform “Qyuki.” with Networking giant Cisco. Intended to take on the likes of Youtube and Facebook, Qyuki is targeting the 100 million Internet and 850 million cell-phone users in the country.
Qyuki allows anybody to upload content they have created. Others on the platform can then rate and comment about them, and say what emotions it evoked. According to Qyuki officials copyright of the content generated by users will remain with them. This will allow them to copyright their content or share it freely.Unlike other Web sites like Youtube, content such as music, videos, writing and photography will be moderated by professionals, like Ranjit Barot, Imtiaz Ali, Chetan Bhagat and Suresh Natarajan, and will be available on PCs and mobile devices.
The website has a three level curation process which involves the community at large and two levels grant badges such as the Expert badge and the Qyuki badge.
Shekhar Kapur, co-founder of Qyuki and critically acclaimed Indian filmmaker said, "At Qyuki, we are creating a world of opportunity, where it doesn't matter where you come from, but what matters is your creativity and the meaning one can derive from it.
AR Rahman, Co-Founder of Qyuki and legendary musician, said, "Qyuki will help you creatively explore yourself, open the window for creativity that exists in all corners of India and is a first step to trigger the imagination of Indian minds.

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