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Legendary Cartoonist R.K. Laxman blesses 5 year old abstract artist
In an age where any child is fascinated by superheroes & cartoon stars, but what an irony, 5 year old Shorya Mahanot idolizes legendry cartoonist Padma Vibhushan honourable R.K. Laxmanji. A special felicitation ceremony organized on the 19th June, 2012 at the residence of this legend, it was a dream come true for the 5 year old tiny tot. His dreams had no boundaries when his idol not only felicitated him but also gifted him with his own signature painting brush which is not less than a magic brush to Shorya. As a blessing received from his idol. Shorya in return gifted his master R.K. Laxmanji with a live masterpiece in front of a stunned audience as a token of love and respect.Proud parents were delighted at the accomplishments of their son at such tender age. “Shorya’s creations bring us joy that we wish to share with everyone.” This was the response of Shree Aditya Singh Mahanot when asked about Shorya.Usha Laxman daughter in law of R.K.Laxman said that,”I met this little kid Shorya through my NGO ‘Mukthangan’ which works for child welfare and when I told dad about him to which that agreed to felicitate him so that he could prosper in the world of art.”About Shorya:5 year old Shorya Mahanot from Madhya Pradesh, Neemuch  is one of world’s youngest abstract artists. . Till date Shorya has created 120 profound works of art. His works have been appreciated by art collectors, academicians and professional artists. Shorya is the third child in the family of Shree Aditya Singh Mahanot and Smt. Pushpa Mahanot. While his elder sisters Shreya & Shruti Mahanot painted, brush and canvas caught the fancy of young Shorya. Whereas other kids of his age hone their skills with crayons & sketch pens and as parents tried to pacify him with a pencil and paper, Shorya settled for nothing else but his chosen tools. Young Shorya has mastered the tolls of professional artists. Immaculate color balance & vibrant use of shapes are the hallmarks of Shorya’s paintings. The richness of these attributes naturally evolved as Shorya’s signature style in every work that he has created. The maturity of his creations defies his age.What is abstract art:Abstract art tends to push the boundaries of vision, thoughts & perception of the observer. To understand abstract art you will have to take conscious efforts to identify & understand your feeling upon watching the painting. If you get a good feeling upon watching the painting, you can be sure your understanding has begun. Once you achieve the artists perspective, each moment will reveal itself in a new glory. The capacity of an artist to generate these feelings determines the quality of his paintings.