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Blinky, short film about a young boy and his robot best friend
The 2011 short film Blinky, written and directed by Ruairi Robinson, is a visually stunning piece that has a few twists and turns that keep you hungry for more. The film stars Max Records from Where The Wild Things Are. He said,"Soon every home will have a robot helper".
Don't worry. It's perfectly safe.Written,
Directed & Edited by Ruairi Robinson
Starring Max Records from "Where The Wild Things Are".
Cinematography by Macgregor
Music by Olafur Arnalds courtesy of Erased Tapes
Funded by Bord Scannan na hEireann / Irish film Board
Budget was 45k euro - for the shoot. Visual effects budget was a grand total of zeeero. I designed Blinky, modeled him in 3D and played both the his voice and the body mocap performance. And did most of the VFX. Thankfully all footage of me in the skintight mocap suit has been permanently destroyed. Visual effects were completed over a period of 9 months, of hell. There's a reason why you don't see too many wet CG characters in movies even with 100 million dollar budgets. It's really, really hard.


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