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Iron Man 3 Reportedly Filming In India
Iron Man 3 has been described as an international, crisis thriller, and many of the casting calls for extras specifically mentioned the film was seeking people from all nationalities, so that reports are surfacing that Iron Man 3 will do some filming in India should come as no surprise.The scenes that will reportedly film in India will involve Iron Man seeking out help from some Indian techies for some technical glitches he is experiencing
Apparently, with Tony Stark’s involvement in cutting-edge technology, some scenes will involve the USA outsourcing work to India.Walt Disney Studios did not comment on this information, so it is unconfirmed. It is somewhat surprising that Iron Man 3 would still be filming new scenes with the release date of May 3, 2013 not that far away. However, the scene descriptions do make sense from what we know about the film, and the studio might just be getting some finishing shots in various international locations.The film also features Sir Ben Kingsley as villain The Mandarin, Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen, James Badge Dale as Eric Savin and Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian.

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