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Movie Review : Delhi Safari is a wonderful experience
Hello Friends, This is Varun Mehta – Animator and filmmaker doing the first out and out review for a Movie’ Delhi Safari’. Thanks to AnimationGalaxy.in for giving me the opportunity to try me hand on something new.

Delhi Safari is finally a welcome change from the ever repetitive Mythological Cinema. For some reason, I actually started to believe that Animation Films in India are just about Mythology and that is it. But Delhi Safari is refreshing and Enjoyable. However, it’sfalls short as to be called a ‘Masterpiece’ as the script suffers a few clichés and there were some unnecessary incidents that could have been avoided. Nevertheless, Delhi Safari is a treat for both Animation and film lovers.
The Story begins with the Animals shown living peacefully in Mumbai National Park of India. We are then introduced to Sultan, the Male leopard [SuneilShetty] who happens to be the king of the animals in the park and his little son Yuvi [SwiniKhare]. Enters Begum, the Wife of Sultan [UrmilaMatondkar] into the scene and they all seem to have fun. Until some ferocious machines and bulldozers from Kathleja Industries arrive to take down the peaceful life of the animals. Destroying tree after tree, they are determined to run down the whole forest. Sultan and Yuvi run for their lives and Sultan sacrifices himself to save his son.

The Animals realize that humans are very cruel and soon they will kill the whole forest for their own needs and greed. There is no option left except leaving the forest and find shelter elsewhere. But Yuvi decides to stand up for the forest as he considers it his home. Bajrangi – the monkey [Govinda] wants to declare a war against the humans but Bagga – The Bear [BomanIrani] ask to settle with a peaceful conversation with the humans to solve the problem.  But the problem is who will take their voice to the humans? They decide to kidnap a parrot named Alex, who can actually talk in human tongue. Now the Question remains ‘Will Alex helps the animals to raise their voices to the Parliament in Delhi’? Or ‘They end up losing their forest’? The rest of the film answers the questions.
Voiceovers are mostly appropriate. UrmilaMatondkar shines as Begum and it’s a treat to her fans waiting to hear her for so long. Govinda as Bajrangi and AkshayeKhanna as Alex are fantastic too. SwiniKhare’s voice for Yuvi however, is quite soft to suit the character. Still it goes with the flow. Boman is Ok as Bagga the bear.  Prem Chopra in a brief stint as Kaliya the hyena brings the house down.
Technically, there is no doubt it’s actually the best Indian Animated Film Ever, but not the best to compete with International Standards. Plotwise, there was a lot to be desired. The film focusses more on regular fights between characters Bajrangi and Alex, which even though, looks enjoyable but gets monotonous after a point. Songs were good but they could have been trimmed. Animation is mostly top notch. The 3D works well for a couple of sequences. The climax was a bit hurried which could have been more Impactful.
All In all…Delhi Safari is a wonderful experience In spite of some clichés. You will surely find yourself sporting a grin on the face while leaving the theatre. GO FOR IT !
Rating : 3.5/5


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