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Yuvi to be mascot for Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Yuvi, the leopard cub in the upcoming animated film Delhi Safari, is worried about builders encroaching his natural habitat and threatening the forest.
When Sunil Limaye, Chief Conservator of Forests & Director Sanjay Gandhi National Park, realised that Yuvi and the animals in his park were facing similar problems, he decided to make the leopard cub the park's mascot. Sources say that Yuvi will now be seen on hoardings in the park, and that this might just help save the forest.

Says Sunil, "The leopard cubs in SGNP share the same problem as Yuvi does in the film. The national park is their rightful home and it is being encroached on from time to time. It is sad that because of the constant conflict between man and animals, the leopards in our park are getting killed and their lives are in constant danger. I just thought Yuvi could be our mascot and bring focus to the problems faced by his real community."
"All the animals in the park face issues like loitering, noise and constant encroachment. In the past, we have tried putting banners with photographs of real animals, but that has never interested people. Perhaps having little Yuvi there will make them more aware," he adds.

source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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