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WWF film series on Indian wildlife
More than 200 students from Classes 7 to 9 from 13 schools in the city enjoyed the film series on Indian wildlife. The film is aimed at exposing students to the diverse wild flora and fauna in the country and to encourage them to actively participate in wildlife conservation. The film series was inaugurated by additional chief conservator of forests P Raja Muthaiyan.
"The film was informative and fun," said H Krishna, a student.The film has three animated animal characters - Bo, the bar headed goose; Kuttu, the slender loris; and Bhoora the black buck. They are friends who have different habitats. They travel together to different parts of the country and seek out endangered animals to tell their stories to children across the world—stories of the threats they face and conservation efforts that saved them from extinction. The film covers various natural habitats of wild species including the Western Ghats, Cheerapunji in Megalaya and the wetlands of West Bengal and the forests of Assam. The film is dubbed in Tamil, Hindi and Assamese. "Books give information, but such films on wildlife impress students on the need for conservation of wildlife species. It has a great impact on them," said R Angals, senior scientist with the Zoological Survey of India