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Review : The Amazing Spiderman ROCKS
Despite my reservations and lack of fervor -The Amazing Spider-Man was a lot of FUN.It's not easy to replace a favourite memory, a wise decision on their part, we would say, as the new Spider-man gets his own charms and has a cutesy girlfriend for company.With great power comes great responsibility. Now who could understand this better than director Marc Webb. After all, the onus of re-booting the Spider-Man franchise lay with him.
And now that the re-booting is in progress,Talk of different and there is more out there. The story more or less remains the same. With Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) living with his aunt May and uncle Ben (Sally Field and Martin Sheen). He is in high school and an awkward teenager who doesn’t have the courage to ask his cute classmate Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) out. The discovery of his super powers happens after a visit to the research organisation Oscorp Industries where he is predictably bitten by one of those spiders kept there for tests. Oscorp is headed by one limbed Dr Curtis Connors (Rhys Ifan), who also happens to be Parker’s father’s friend and who, Peter feels, knows the secret behind his parent’s disappearance. The plot is predictable, India’s representation in the film through Irrfan Khan remains sketchy and unsatisfactory. Sadly, Khan is used more like a prop in the background. The special effects are neatly done and background score by James Horner fits perfectly with the scenes. The street fighting sequences, the beautifully intimidating skyscrapers through which Parker swings are shot beautifully and give the film a grand feel.

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