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Review: Madagascar 3 is a must watch
Dream Works animated movie Madagascar: 3 is good, exciting story, great jokes, breathtaking visual appeal and the added novelty of finally taking our favorite animals out of the jungle and into the city. Alex the Lion and his zoo crew try to get home to New York by joining a traveling circus. A funny, snappy script and thrilling action sequences make this European adventure a trip worth taking. The film really rides high on the adventure quotient scale at this point, with the animals becoming a part of the circus act.
An unexpected delight, Madagascar 3 is a three-ring circus of hilarity, excitement, and dazzling animation that should please the entire family.The animals seem more human than befor. It retains a whole different world of interpretation for these children to explore when they watch the same movie years later.The animation is novel and so are the splitting jokes and the visuals. In short, the movie has that appeal that would charm the kids, the grown-ups and the kids once again when they grow up! All in all, ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ is one for all treat to be enjoyed this summer!
Animation Galaxy Rating
Video Source : Dreamworks Motion Pictures

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