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ZeeQ spices kids’ genre with Emmy nominated pre-school series ‘Sid the Science Kid’ To spice up the kids entertainment genre with tinge of Science – recently- the kids genre channel, ZeeQ acquired the four-time Daytime Emmy nominated preschool series ‘Sid the Science Kid’ from US based Jim Henson Company. Emmy Award is an esteemed television production award in United States. Henson is recognized as an innovator in puppetry, animatronics and digital animation.
ZeeQ has acquired the license of all 66x30 mins episodes of the pre-school series, Sid the Science Kid for 4years. Subhdarshi Tripathy, Business Head of ZeeQ says, “ZeeQ wants to bring school lessons to life through entertainment. Hence, whether it is based on art, science or history, the whole programming bouquet of ZeeQ is mix of education and entertainment.” While informing about the relevance of the show, he adds, “This show fosters curiosity about Science amongst kids, hence we were very keen to have it on ZeeQ for Indian kids.” Sid the Science Kid is an acclaimed pre-school series.

Sid, the key character in this show is an inquisitive kid who explores the principles of Science and tries to solve the problems with the help of his schoolmates.
ZeeQ, the first edutainment channel - focused on four to 14-year-old viewers - started beaming in India on Dish TV and Videocon d2h from early November. It is committed to strike a balance between acquired and locally produced programming content. Tripathy says, “Digitisation in India is widening way for quality content. Hence it is crucial for channels to ramp up its select content offering, especially, when it is meant as a daily fix of entertainment for kid- viewers.”
Have glimpse of Sid the Science Kid on – www.ZeeQ.in

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