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"The Wonder Stone" in Summer 2012 International Film Contest
Film Skillet invites Varun Mehta's "The Wonder Stone" in international film contest, film skillet is an international community of filmmakers and film enthusiasts. Which brings the quality of Independent films from talented filmmakers around the world. "Varun Mehta" a man who does not need any introduction has recently launches ‘Wiz’ Animation Studio. He won the international short film award at Buzzgoo, for his wondeful film ' The Unknown World.'
The Wonder Stone is an action packed emotional ride between 6 best friends and an Alien Stone. An Alien stone suddenly arrives on earth and is discovered by most ordinary kids of this planet. Without knowing what it is, One of them touches it and what happens after that is a non - stop ride of action, emotion and FunFilm. The Wonder Stone is written & directed by Varun Mehta.

Skillet is offering $6,000 in cash prizes for the categories of Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, and Horror.
Submission is free and the deadline to submit is July 14th, 2012.


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