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Photobucket Launches “Life’s an Adventure” Photo & Video Contest in Celebration of New ‘Stories’ Feature If a picture is worth 1,000 words, your story may be worth $25,000: Compile a multimedia narrative to tell the story of your best “adventure” via Photobucket’s new storytelling feature for an opportunity to win.
Photobucket Corporation today unveiled its exciting new Stories feature, providing users with a simple way to create meaningful, complete narratives of life’s adventures, to share with friends and family. Photobucket Stories transforms the act of photosharing into the art of storytelling with an all-new way to organize and share photos and videos with others. The company is also celebrating the release of Stories with the launch of its “Life’s an Adventure” contest, in which consumers can highlight their adventures in this new shared story format for an opportunity to win $25,000.

“Photobucket Stories makes it easy to create and share a more complete ‘picture’ of the events happening in our lives,” said Tom Munro, Photobucket’s CEO. “Stories takes photosharing beyond wall posts, albums, mobile sharing and collages, giving a whole new way to capture moments and express your creativity.”

Photobucket Stories allows users to easily create and collaborate on living stories by inviting friends and family to contribute photos, video and text to a single, sharable canvas. Once Stories are created, they are easily embeddable on blogs, personal, and brand sites, and can be shared among friends from mobile devices or across Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

To celebrate the launch of Stories, Photobucket is inviting users to participate in its “Life’s An Adventure” contest, in which they can chronicle and share their most interesting exploits for an opportunity to win $25,000. Anyone can submit an entry in ‘Story’ form via Photobucket.com/StoryContest for consideration. Entries are being accepted now through December 9, and they will be judged on a combination of creativity, adherence to a theme and social engagement before winners will be announced on December 14.

”Our ‘Life’s an Adventure’ contest is our way of celebrating the evolution of the story, as we know it,” said Munro. “In this digital age where fragments have become the status quo, we’re hoping to bring back the narrative with this format, which encourages a more complete, contextual approach to capturing the moments in your life, then easily sharing with friends and family.”

No longer are consumers confined to sharing images one at a time or in structured album formats; with Photobucket Stories, the larger narrative evolves with richer context and meaning. Stories allows users to:

  • Create, curate and tell a complete story by combining photos, videos, text captions and comments
  • Add to stories from mobile devices with direct upload from camera rolls in both Android and iPhone
  • Share a story preview via Facebook Timeline, or directly invite Facebook friends to help contribute to a story
  • Control privacy settings to share your story with a select group – or the world
    To understand how Stories works, and to prepare for your contest entry, you can see some examples of recent Stories created on Photobucket here:
  • A Postal Love Story: Storybook style story of topical event happening in a Denver Neighborhood
  • Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto! (Japan 2012): A travel journal of an adventure in Japan
  • Island Life: Outer Hebrides, Scotland: An exploration of Outer Hebrides, Scotland
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