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Disney UTV Indiagames : Cricket Fever Challenge with exciting new features  Disney UTV Indiagames has updated its Cricket Fever Challenge games with new & exciting feature. The update is currently available for the Android version of the application.
The new updates are :
Soft & Hard currency - Standard monetization systems for purchasing items in-game.
In-game store: This store gives players purchasing power within the game.
Over Selection: Now on initiating a new Challenge, a player is given the choice of playing one, three or five overs in the upcoming challenge

What is interesting is – The player who chooses the number of overs pays for the additional overs and not his opponent. There is no charge to the challenged opponent.
Power Ups  One-Shot bonus that the player can apply to individual shots just before initiating a batting phase.
Timing Ball – Increases the “Perfect” portion of the timing bar for the player on their next shot
Power Ball – Increases the force of the player’s next shot.
Speed Ball – Reduces the reaction time of the opposing team’s outfielders for the next shot.
Rematch This feature allows players to restart a multiplayer challenge immediately with the same opponent on finishing a challenge
You can download the updated Cricket Fever Challenge from Google Play store from here.

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