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Learning turns contemporary - the game begins
You need to ace the general knowledge test. Instead of mugging up facts from the encyclopedia, what if you could play a game on your smart phone? And learn through play?
X2PN (http://www.X2PN.com/) plans to make it possible. This Bangalore-based company uses technology to create learning solutions that meet contemporary users' needs.
"Our generation thrives online. We 'hangout' in virtual spots, catch up with friends on social networks, play games on tablets and read e-books. Conventional learning methods - rote learning or reading textbooks - are inadequate to address our needs. X2PN plans to make learning more relevant to our times through gamification," says Sandeep Nanu, Co-founder and Director, X2PN E-Learning Pvt Ltd.

"Gamification lets us present the learning content in a more exciting and fun format - through games. People get involved in playing and you learn better when you are more involved in the process," he says.Gamification is a fast growing global-trend, where factors that make game play so appealing, are used to explain concepts and engage users. It can be applied to different contexts, such as recruitment or customer-retention. Gamification in learning brings these features to education and knowledge-focussed activities.
According to X2PN, game-based learning has the potential to change the way we learn and share knowledge. It opens up new avenues for schools, companies, parents, individuals - anyone interested in learning. For instance, students could play a math-game online instead of completing sums in a notebook to show their grasp over a concept. Or employees could play a virtual game to understand a company's corporate culture rather than read an induction booklet.
In India, many enterprises are exploring the impact this new form of learning can have on their businesses. But only few have begun providing game-based learning solutions.
In sync with these trends, X2PN plans to launch SoloX and MultipleX, quiz-based games for individual and multiple players. These free apps will be available on Facebook and mobile (iOS and Android) platforms as learning solutions that:
Are exciting, fun and interactive.
Address challenges of boredom, attention deficit, jaded presentation of content, etc.
Are easy-to-access and play. Also on the cards are XBooks, micro-books to make reading-on-the-go easy. XCalibre, a strategy-based learning game is also in the pipeline, added Sandeep.


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