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Interviw with Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner in Student Category Mr. Anshul Gupta
Tell us a little about who you are. Who do you work for? What job do you do?
Hi, my name is Anshul gupta ,well am searching for a job as an 3d animator and currently am doing  free lance work. 
What was the Idea behind Rodside?
Idea  behind   Rodside  is to  make a  short film like wat the students of  Animation Mentor or V.F.S  use to do ,we havnt  given as  much quality as  they use to give but  its a first step  need to go way far !!!
What are the challenges you have faced during Rodside?
Till  the production of rodside  there is only  me and my friend  Sandeep goswami  who  did lighting ,texturing , modelling etc we both  faced hell lot of challenges ,we don’t have  any supervisor. Don’t have   faculty to solve  our  doubts ,quarries ,mistakes   in our animation ,lighting.There is  only 1 pc to do the lighting and render work ,that was hard to manage !!  and thatt was  the same case for our music  composer  Dev Rawat. 


What inspire you for your Rodside creation?
PIXAR !!!!!(GURU JI )   of every Artist  .and  our   Animation faculty  Mr.Arun Panwar .
What you want to do next?
JOB !!!  wonna  be a part of  animated feature film .
Tell us something about your life?
My name is Anshul gupta I live in Delhi ,after school  I joined arena animation  to  become an  Animator after 2 years   me and my friend  Sandeep  decided  to make a movie a movie so we can  show ourself  how far  we can  go  ,to know wat our limits  and to  get a job in studios J . being  a cg artist is very though and challanging,I was not an animator  before we made Rodside ,now I am   an  Animator. but honestly I am  not good in animation  if I  compare  my work to  animation mentor  students ,i want to   learn,  everything about animation … your  question is  about my life ,but am  talking about animation, bcoz   this is wat my life is.


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