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Interviw with Motion Graphics Designer based in New Delhi Mr. Anubhav Misra
Tell us a little about who you are. Who do you work for? What job do you do?
Hi. I am Anubhav Misra. I am a Motion Graphics Designer based in New Delhi.
I hold an Advanced Diploma degree in Animation & Visual Effects from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai. I work for Uncommonsense Films pvt.ltd. My experience at this place has been overwhelming.  I work in the advertising arena on design projects for various brands passed on to us by advertising agencies. It involves planning, visualising and execution. I know many of the required software programs and I'm a keen learner ready to learn more and more tools to increase  my skillset and get variety in my work in terms of look and feel and prevent it from looking monotonous over a  period of time.

How long have you been working in the animation industry?
I have been working in the animation industry for over 2 years now.
Name a few of the projects you've worked on in the past.
I've worked on Television commercials for Animation Express, Vanish, Nestle. I've worked for Honda on outdoor events like the 11th Autoexpo, New Delhi. Apart from that, I have worked on various projects for brands like 7Up, Absolut, Airtel, Fashion and you.com, Fortune hotels, Incredible India, Indian Express, Nestle, Philips, Samsung, Uninor & Vanish.
Do you have any future projects planned? Any independent animation projects? Tell us more.
As our company is going through a design makeover, currently I'm working on creating a visual id for it alongside some other projects  in the pipeline.
What motivates you to move into a career in animation? How did you go about pursuing it?
Academically I'm from a science background. I've always had a considerable interest in art and design and was fascinated by many artists and their work. So after I stepped out from school, I joined Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics. There I did Advanced Diploma Degree course in 3D Animation and VFX.  I chose Motion Graphics out of sheer curiosity. Little did I know that it would become my calling. I have always tried to learn and execute every part of programs like After Effects and Cinema 4D in my motion graphic works,  and tried to surpass its limitations using creative techniques, 3rd party plug-ins & scripting and literally found  it boundless. Also researched about various plug-ins and their utility and still going on with it.
What was the Idea behind "Jhumroo".
Kingdom of Dreams was launching a new Musical comedy "JHUMROO", and wanted a title sequence and an opening sequence which could be a part of the whole show and set the stage for the action packed retro musical comedy. They sought the services of my company. I designed the Logo animation, Title Sequence and  Opening Grphical Sequence for "JHUMROO". It has a retro, dance, musical and playful theme. The Title sequence is designed keeping the 70's graphical styles in mind. The Opening sequence has the silhouette of the lead performer of the show 'Bhola' dancing on the beats of the famous song  of the 80's "Om Shanti Om" with vibrant animated retro patterns in the background. 
What about those just considering starting in animation? Any educational or career advice, memorable lessons, etc?
I'm not a great animator, so probably not the best person to dole out advices, but what I learnt in my experience as a  Motion Designer, is that it's a very technical medium, so it's not that easy to ignore that side of things, but one should always try and learn things like design principles, aesthetics and non-technical side of it. This will definitely give them an edge.
Do you ever appear at conferences? What animation events and conferences would you recommend?
I visit various seminars and conferences as in when I get time to. I would recommend CGTEXpo organised by Cg Tantra and other events and seminars organised by CG Tantra.

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