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Karan Paul
CEO, True Marketing Coach 

Tell us a little about who you are. Who do you work for? What job do you do?
I am from Ludhiana,a young entrepreneur ,a blogger,a webmaster actually its little bit difficult to know about me in words “Meet me , know me ” .I am a student, doing BCA from Punjab Universtiy well I love to blog about marketing and technology stuff! ,I am addicted to internet surfing,used to sleep with my gadgets sometime :D
How long have you been blogging? 
Hmmmm…..i am blogging since last 2 years and enjoying it!I have wrote many guest posts on some popular blogs then finally I started my own blog, My first blog was on technology niche named “Techister” was become so popular in days even it was not a TLD hosted on blogger.But due loads of studies I suddenly left blogging and sold my blog ... But how could I stop myself from blogging! So I continued my blogging career with “TrueMarketingCoach” and now writing on mostly marketing, seo, blogging and social media stuff!

Who is your favourite blogger? Why?
It would be difficult to name any one blogger as my fav list is quite long but I think Muhammad “Owner of MyBloggerTricks.Com” and Amit Aggarwal “Indian blogging star owner of labnol.org” these guys really rocks my blogging idols, I always try to write like them but don’t know if I can ever do this! Blogs of these guys are on the top of my Bookmarks and list of star bloggers!
Do you consider yourself successful?
I think not at all…! How can I consider myself successful oh I am dreaming of establishing career in blogging as well looking forward to set up my online venture an IT Company. I have done 15% of my aim I think! So its far away and continuously striving to achieve!
What have you done to improve your knowledge?
I am just reading some top notch blogs exist on the web to polish my writing ,seo skills. If one is thinking to start his/her blogging career all he/she need is some unique ideas,a language to express his ideas into words and your’e done. To keep yourself updated with latest happening in the field you are blogging about go read some blogs daily !
What motivates you to move into a career in blogging? How did you go about pursuing it?
I think from my school days I was addicted to blogging but then it was named as essays, contexts and all! When I come to know about some blogs in blogosphere I was just wondering if I can also own my blog and express my ideas and show my words to the world , my friends helped me a lot so I was able to start my own blog and blogging career and my readers are motivating me time to time with their some amazing comments and emails!
How do you feel your work has progressed since you started your career?
Its quite hard to answer this question for me! However I am measuring the progress on the basis of increasing readers day by day, adorable comments, also my writing skills are improving day by day! I remember those were the days I used to surf blogs just to brought up new ideas and writing art!. But still success is really far away as I said previously.
What about those just considering starting in blogging? Any educational or career advice, memorable  lessons, etc?
Those who are thinking to make blogging as their full time profession; I would like to give them a few tips – Have patience, This is one of biggest guru mantra of blogging that have patience and blog with heart.Never start a blog just to earn money,keep providing quality content to your readers, Always try to increase readership,money will run after you,atleast for 6 month atleast don’t think about money!




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