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Sujit Kumar Karmakar
3D Animation

Animation Galaxy : Tell us a little about who you are. Who do you work for? What job do you do?

Sujit Karmakar : I am Sujit Kumar Karmakar, a 3D Animator from Noida, though I belong to Kolkata. Having  B.Sc from Kalyani University I turned myself to Animation and hold 3 Years diploma in Applied art with Animation technology. I started my career as a 3D Animator with Escotoonz Entertainment Pvt.ltd, Escort Group, Faridabad, I had been associated with them for  2 years  and then I moved to Mumbai and Joined in Prime Focus, Mumbai as a  3D lead Animator and worked for 3 years. Then I changed my job and joined in Toon Skool,  Jamshedpur  as a 3D Head. I used to have a small team for Animation production over there who I trained and also worked for  few projects with TATA Steel. I  work for Academy Of Animation and Gaming, Noida as a 3D Animation mentor.

Animation Galaxy :
How long have you been working in the animation industry?

Sujit Karmakar : I have had 7 years  of experience in Animation industry .

Animation Galaxy :
How did you get into Animation?

Sujit Karmakar : I always wanted to go into a creative field and animation gave me a scope for that, so I got myself admitted into Monarch College of Art and Technology in 2002 and putting every effort to groove myself as a good animator.

"I always wanted to go into a creative field and animation gave me a scope for that, so I got myself admitted into Monarch College of Art and Technology "
Animation Galaxy : Did you ever expect to get famous as an 3D Animation artist?
Sujit Karmakar : This is the only dream in my life which I have been nurturing since the day I stepped into this field.

Animation Galaxy :
Name a few of the projects you've worked on in the past.

Project Detail
Escotoonz ent
• TV series “TINY TOTS” of Chocklet Moons Ent. CANADA (46 episode)
Prime Focus
• The commercials of  Britannia  Funtoon
• 3D Crowd  in commercial Francfin
LG touch phone commercial (3D Gold Fish Animation)
Godrej Aerospace commercial  (3D animation)
• Egyptian Gulf Bank commercial 3D animation (Qatar)
• Britania vegetarian Cake all 3D animation

Animation Galaxy :
Do you have any future projects planned? Any independent animation projects? Tell us more.

Sujit Karmakar : Yes I have. I have few projects; I will make for children’s education.

Animation Galaxy :
What motivates you to move into a career in animation? How did you go about pursuing it?

Sujit Karmakar : The creativity involves in it motivates me.  I got myself admitted into an Animation College and put rigorous and religious effort to come up with the learning curve initially. Then I used to look for new challenges in my projects that used to ignite me and I took every huddle as a challenge and prove myself again and again by overcome it.

Animation Galaxy :
What about those just considering starting in animation? Any educational or career advice, memorable Lessons, etc?

Sujit Karmakar : Buddying professionals must work hard and keep up the high tempo and must prepare themselves to cope with any kind of challenges in professional fields.

Animation Galaxy :
Do you ever appear at conferences? What animation events and conferences would you recommend?

Sujit Karmakar : Yes. Whenever I get chance to appear in any Animation related conferences, I enjoy that.


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