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  Animation with a Purpose
We are all aware, Animation is generally considered to be Cartoons for Kids, particularly to spread mythology.  Empowering motion on-line, Animation Galaxy is an attempt to take animation forward - beyond cartoons for kids, beyond mythology, beyond time and distance - where imagination is bounded only by the frotiers of the sky.   With that in mind, Animation Galaxy is looking at animation with a purpose, a cause and a result that is meaningful to today's society, specially the diversified, yet united, Indian society.  With its rich traditions and history, India's story-telling abilities, through visuals, graphics and art, are boundless.  Adding a social dimension to these abilities will, no doubt, empower animation beyond imagination.

The first step in this series is to highlight the condition of women in India - is it a "dying species" - and the need for restoration of her glory and pedestal. They are constantly victimized by our developing society. There are frequent cases of female foeticide and killing or selling of the girl child, reported throughout the nation, with a startling regularity.  We often come across instances where a women is murdered for dowry - to be tortured till she is dead, unless she gets the money - which mocks the foundations of our system of justice, violated every now and then. The recent gang rape cases and domestic violence are perfect evidence to show how indian society is treating its women.

Why are women always subjected to assault, mentally as well as physically?  As human beings do they fail the feel of pain?  They too have emotions like anybody else who walks on this planet.  Why are women considered to be slaves who have no desire to live and to be respected like men?
Contrast this with another point.  We all want a caring mother, a loving sister and a loyal wife but we cannot bear the birth of a girl child. There are celebrations when a family is blessed with a male child but on the other hand a female child is considered as a curse. Why this discrimination?

It is observed, when woman progresses in society, instead of encouragement it triggers a sense of insecurity in their male competitors. And the ramifications are often unpleasant. I wonder before people can think of other women in the society how can they forget about the women in their families.  How their memories are suddenly occupied by evil.  What if the women in their families are victimized with these harassments?  "Tumhare ghar mein maa behen nahin hai" is not just an adage.  It's imperative for everyone to think about their mothers and daughters before they can think of any other woman.

On this event of first anniversary of ANIMATION GALAXY we have organised a small contest to pay our respect to the most wonderful creation of god, A WOMAN. A woman in india is an incarnation of the real power (adi shakti). A woman is the mother. “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”  If there is no woman in the world... there is no world.
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