TAKE A STAND!  'A CAMPAIGN Launched Towards Protection For Women'

   Painting by - Rahul Sharma, Delhi   Take A Stand! - A Short Film by Varun Mehta, Founder -Wiz Animation Studio  
God's most beautiful creation - nature - we ardently call 'MOTHER' - the one that gives EVERYTHING we need to live.  That giver of life, love, fruit, shade and shape, just like our own mother on whom we first set our eyes upon, the first sight, utterance, and feel as we open our eyes to this world for the first time - Ma.  Ma is the most beautiful manifestation He used his magic pen to create.  That most beautiful form is the tallest stature of womanhood that ALL of us experience.  We observe that glory of God in many forms - a girl child, a Mother, a Sister, a friend, a caretaker, a "better" half - a precious gift sent by God to this earth. But, wait a minute.  What is happening in the world?  We see this Gift being polluted, killed, corrupted, defiled and destroyed right in front of our eyes - sometimes even before she is born.  Is the humanity in us losing its soul? Is woman today an endangered species - threatened into extinction?  Many statistics do say so.  The last population census gave only 850-odd women to 1000 men.  Stories abound in many forms - shocking rapes, trafficking, murder in the womb, domestic violence, acid attacks, dowry deaths - and we continue unfeelingly at her fall from grace and stature, and the destruction of her pedestal. 
Time was when 'swayamwar' was a woman's right.  Behind the success of every man stood a woman, and probably does even today.  Women spread love and kindness wherever they go.  Glory, thy name is woman.  Can we, in whatever small way possible, make a sincere attempt to restore the respect this Gift of God has fallen from, due to no fault of hers?  To be a woman-protector does not mean to be a man-hater.  CAN WE TAKE A STAND?

As Animation Galaxy completes its first year, and steps into the second, we present a short film by Varun Mehta... a graphical representation - "Take A Stand".  It is all meant to think and act, transcending all barriers of caste, creed, sex, religion, place of birth, language, etc.  Let us rise to new frontiers - together.  Time has arrived to bring about bring about a decisive change, a meaningful difference to value the Gift of God. Let us send out the message loud and Clear.  Let's ignite a flame to TAKE A STAND, and stand by the conviction of our pledge.  Making this small effort will not cost anything, but the returns will be high.  Women are an epitome of respect, and deserve a return for the love, warmth and strength they imbibe.
Be a contestant
To give vent to your thought enter this contest - TAKE A STAND.  You could make a big difference to the way future generations will look at women.  Will she be restored to her past glory, and beyond?  All you need to do is, think of a comment that symbolizes your stand on Protecting the Dignity of Women, and post it on the day of the contest here - or copy and paste this URL into your browser's address bar - "https://www.facebook.com/events/ 502737589779951/" - and press "Enter".  Your words may be short, but they will go a long way - watched by at least 5 lakhs men and women of all ages across the world.  Follow the rules given below.  Let the world see what you feel about women in India, and what stand you take to protect this "dying" species - TAKE A STAND.

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