Commissioner, Child Rights (Former Secretary, Women and Child Development) Government of Rajasthan
It gives me great pleasure to know that Animation Galaxy, a world-wide on-line information hub for the animation industry, is organizing a ONE-DAY slogan contest on the theme of "TAKE A STAND : Protect the Woman", on the occasion of its first anniversary on June 1, 2013.  It is also heartening to know that a very meaningful beginning has been made to marry animation with a social purpose - a union that certainly portends momentous dimensions.
The art of animation itself knows no barriers, with the sky as the limit to imagination.  It is certainly a wonderful, creative and effective means of communicating the message that women need assiduously in today's environment of turmoil.  It would not be wrong to say that she is an "endangered species".  I am sure that this contest will yield significant benefits to make animated stories on restoring women to their stature of respect, love and strength, with a sense of social justice.
I wish you and your team warm felicitations on your FIRST ANNIVERSARY and all the best in this endeavor, with all hopes that the message for Protection of Women required today, actually reaches the destination it deserves. I TAKE THE STAND.

President, Society for Animation in Delhi
At the outset, heartiest congratulations from the entire SAID team, and on my own personal behalf, on completing one year of pushing the Galaxy that is Animation.  At the same time another whole lot of congratulations for thinking up the on-line ONE-DAY SLOGAN competition on "TAKE A STAND: Protect the Woman".  We have, in recent times, seen the worst of mankind falling on the wrong side of a woman's grace and dignity.  To say that she be protected, and that too through the medium of SLOGANS to form animation in the foreseeable future, is not only adding a much wanted purpose to this creative art, but the least baby steps that we must take.
On behalf of the Society for Animation in Delhi (SAID), I would like to convey our full support to your endeavor and its objective, and hope that this generates not only an effective consciousness to its purpose, but also opens up new vistas for Animation with a Purpose.
Heartiest congratulations and all the best for success of the event.

Karan Bir Singh Sidhu, IAS
Principal Secretary to the Government of Punjab, Department of Irrigation
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