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Adobe Announces Primetime Simulcast to Accelerate Online Ad Revenue for TV Content Owners
At the Cable Show, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today unveiled a series of advancements to Project “Primetime,” the industry’s first fully integrated video technology platform to deliver seamless viewing experiences for ad-supported TV content across connected devices.

A new offering, “Primetime Simulcast,” enables media companies for the first time to simultaneously broadcast their channels online and seamlessly replace ads stitched into the broadcast stream with dynamically inserted ads. Primetime Simulcast is supported for apps across iOS and Android devices and within browsers across all major desktop platforms. It complements Primetime Highlights, which allows broadcasters to easily convert live streaming to short, ad supported video clips of major news, entertainment and sports highlights to be published to desktops and connected devices.
Further building out its technology portfolio for the delivery of premium video across devices and platforms, Adobe also introduced the next major version of its video server technology, Adobe® Media Server 5, as well as Adobe Access 4. Combined, both solutions give media companies a single video publishing and Digital Rights Management (DRM) workflow to target 98 percent of desktops as well as iOS, Android and connected TV devices. Adobe also unveiled the next version of Adobe Auditude to more easily insert and measure online video ads.

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“With Project Primetime and our leading video technologies, Adobe is addressing the challenges media companies are facing when distributing and monetizing online video content across devices today,” said Jeremy Helfand, vice president of monetization, Adobe. “Device fragmentation, multiple streaming protocols, different encryption methods, and building players across devices result in a poor user experience for video audiences and high operating costs for content providers. Primetime offers a single, integrated workflow to publish video content online, insert ads dynamically, and measure effectiveness across all major platforms and device types.”

Latest advancements to Project Primetime:
Primetime Simulcast offers media companies and broadcasters the opportunity to publish and monetize broadcast content with video players, video streaming, dynamic ad insertion, and robust analytics on any device, including support for existing broadcast workflows and content protected videos. Adobe is the first company to enable video publishers to precisely insert dynamic ads into broadcast content and deliver both content and ads to iOS, Android and desktop platforms. With a single integrated workflow for Internet-connected devices, Primetime Simulcast ensures greater audience reach and better monetization experiences, with higher productivity and lower operating costs. For more information visit the Digital Media blog.
Adobe Access 4, Adobe’s DRM solution for premium video content, now supports native iOS apps, extending its existing support for desktop operating systems, Android apps and connected TVs. With added support for content using the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol for iOS devices, Adobe Access now enables premium video publishers to reach the broadest possible audience across devices with a single content protection workflow and infrastructure. Adobe Access already protects videos delivered across browsers and applications using RTMP and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) protocols.

Adobe Media Server 5, formerly known as Adobe Flash® Media Server, allows media distribution companies to publish and protect video streams carrying studio-grade, premium content using a single DRM solution across desktops, connected TVs, tablets and smartphones. Adobe Media Server 5 offers expanded streaming protocol support for publishers to reach the broadest possible audience regardless if they want to use the HLS, HDS or RTMP protocols. Dynamic and offline preparation of premium content to be streamed using HTTP and protected with Adobe Access helps lower storage costs and simplify workflows to deliver video securely to multiple screens. Adobe Media Server 5 also supports the FCC’s requirements for Closed Captions and extends the protection options for native, Apple iOS apps.
The next generation of Adobe Auditude, Adobe’s video ad management and monetization platform, makes it easier and more efficient for media companies to dynamically insert, target and measure video ads. With the integration of Adobe AudienceManager and third party site data, publishers can better understand who is viewing the ad and target accordingly. Advancements to Partner Management tools enable content owners to better manage inventory distribution and revenue shares with syndication partners. Enhanced reporting tools give publishers the ability to access more detailed data on ad views, completion rates, location information and more.
Project Primetime
Project Primetime is the industry’s first fully integrated video technology platform to deliver seamless viewing experiences for ad-supported TV content across connected devices. Primetime empowers media companies to publish premium videos, insert ads and measure content across desktops, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs. Addressing the increasing challenges of device and platform fragmentation, Primetime delivers content more efficiently by offering a single, end-to-end workflow that interconnects Adobe’s core video publishing, advertising and analytics technologies. Major components of Primetime include Adobe Auditude, the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, Adobe Access, Adobe Media Server, Adobe Pass and Primetime Highlights.
Primetime with full integration of all major components will be available in late 2012 with support for Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS, Google Android, Samsung SmartTVs and other platforms. Components of Primetime are available today as separate, individual products. Primetime Simulcast supports apps across iOS and Android devices and within browsers across all major desktop platforms. Primetime Simulcast is being showcased at the Cable Show this week and expected to be available in the second half of 2012. For more information visit the Digital Media blog.

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