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The Dark Knight Rises Exclusive Making
It is tough to imagine that a comic strip could have such a poignant and an incredibly spell binding movie transformation. You remain fixed to your seats through the entire run of this 2 hours 45 minutes dark action thriller. Right from the first installment of the franchise- Batman Begins’ to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, the director has maintained the same tone and feel of the film, with the antagonist having an overwhelmingly terrifying influence on viewers with their mean and unfathomable manipulative schemes.The story unfolds eight years after the death of district attorney Harvey Dent who in pursuit to completely eradicate organized crime from the Gotham city loses his life under double dealing circumstances at the hands of Batman. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight of the city aka Batman has become a recluse taking the blame of Harvy Dent’s death upon him. Batman has to save his city and its people and he has to rise to the occasion. And in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Batman has to fight not only Bane but also his own self. He has to get rid of the guilt of killing Dent and his once fiancée Rachel and come to terms with the fact even if his ways of dealing with the warlords are in transgression with the city’s administration; he is the ultimate savior of Gotham.


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