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Red Chillies VFX studio to create special effects for Hrithik's Krrish 2
Shahrukh's Red Chillies VFX will be creating the effects for Krrish 2 as well after the Roshans were invited to the studio by SRK.Hrithik Roshan will be getting his superpowers with a little help from Shah Rukh Khan. Hrithik's work in progress Krrish 2 is Bollywood's next superhero film and what's a superhero film without super special effects?
SRK's RA.One may not have been singularly lacking in plot, narrative and characterization, but it did have the slickest effects we've seen in Bollywood. And now Krrish 2 will have them too.Hrithik's father and the film director Rakesh Roshan said, "Shah Rukh's studio is as good as any foreign studio. The key to get perfect results is time. And I have given them 15 months. Most of my VFX shots are over and they have already started the work."The special effects of Krrish, by Indian firm Prasad EFX, were impressive enough so the sequel will have both it's predecessor and RA.One to better.
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