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Thinkbox Software Releases Draft at SIGGRAPH 2012
Thinkbox Software has announced the release of Draft, a lightweight compositing and video processing tool designed to automate typical post-render tasks, which will be unveiled at the SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles.“Draft allows you to streamline your workflow by saving you from having to manually create QuickTimes, thumbnails, contact sheets, or other production elements,” said Chris Bond, founder of Thinkbox Software. “Whatever you render is automatically converted into formats you need or assembled as QuickTimes and information from your database can be automatically imported – an artist can submit one render and get a dozen different deliverables pushed out automatically, allowing you to focus on the art.”

Key features include

• Prepare renders for editorial without user intervention
• Generate slates using metadata provided by a production management database, such as Shotgun
• Automatically convert renders to a variety of formats
• Resize, composite and convert images
• Text annotation system that renders slates and templates for video clips
• Supports video formats such as H.264 and MPEG4
• Python API offers endless customization to generate tailored video assets
Draft has been in beta at several VFX houses, including Encore VFX in Hollywood. 2D Supervisor Jane Sharvina explains: “In a production environment focused on episodic TV work, Draft is invaluable. With hundreds of shots to deliver each day, having the client deliverables as well as the internal review clips already generated by the time the shot is reviewed is a huge help. It not only frees up editorial, but it also ties into Shotgun so we have no questions about getting the correct version number.” 

Draft is free for clients on an active support & maintenance subscription with Deadline. For more information, visit http://www.thinkboxsoftware.com/


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