Shorya Mahanot  
Painting - Child Artist
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Talent not comparable at age not believable
In this fast paced, materialistic pursuit that we call life, hope of solace is offered by creations of an artist. His works kindle joy and curiosity in you. His smile and innocent confidence render you defenseless. We proudly introduce you to Master Shorya Mahanot ,one of world’s youngest abstract artists.

5 year old Shorya is the third child in the family of Shree Aditya Singh Mahanot and Smt. Pushpa Mahanot. While his elder sisters Shreya & Shruti Mahanot painted, brush and canvas caught the fancy of young Shorya. While parents tried to pacify him with a pencil and paper, Shorya settled for nothing else but his chosen tools. His will prevailed over the wisdom of his elders and what followed was​sheer​magic. He has never looked back since then.

Till date this baby artist has delivered over 100 masterpieces. He has mastered the use of equipments of professional artists. He use acrylic colours on 24"*48" canvases.At present he is working on 36"*60" Canveses. Some of his paintings were bigger than him when he created them. Immaculate color balance & vibrant use of shapes are the hallmarks of Shorya’s paintings. The richness of these attributes naturally evolved as Shorya’s signature style in every work that he has created. The maturity and depth of his creations defies his age. Shorya’s charm lies in his innocence. He is blissfully unaware of the impact his paintings have on others.

His official website documents the profile of this child artist. Feel welcome to explore the world he has created.
In the physical world that grown ups can relate to, the day of this baby Picasso begins at 6:30 am. He is a student of First standard  school in Central School , Neemuch (M.P.). When he comes back from school at 2 pm, he gorges on the delicious food that his grandmother Mrs. Snehlata Mahanot is reputed for. A sumptuous meal is followed by a carefree nap. Mrs. Pushpa Mahanot, his mother ensures that Shorya completes his homework. Then casually as a matter of routine he brings to life a masterpiece. Later depending on his mood he either plays with his friends in his garden or continues to indulge in his passion completely oblivious to his friends who call him out.

His doting sisters Shreya and Shruti Mahanot are the biggest source of inspiration for Shorya. They have witnessed the creation of all his paintings. After the master is done with his painting, the task of cleaning him up is dutifully done by his sisters.

With every passing day the dormant potential of this artist is revealing itself. The first solo show of his works was held at hotel Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai. This event received considerable coverage in print and electronic media. Impressed by his works the management of the Taj Mahal Hotel opened their prestigious chambers terrace for Shorya. In recent past US president Barrack Obama and The world cup winning Indian cricket team were graced with this honor.
We are sure that with his talents and backing of his family, this young artist will make our country proud in the years to come.