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Varun mehta’s animated promo wins international video contest
Varun Mehta has done it yet again. His animated promo for Geet – an Indian Television Series has been crowned the winning Video at Vote My Video website for its july competition. Varun made this video two years back and it went viral over the internet. The fans of the show responded immensely positive to the Animated promos. The Video was selected by the site to compete for the Monthly contest of July.
Initially the video got great votes and marched again with a fair margin but not soon it was taken down by the other competitors.
The votes of animated video didn’t rise at a certain point and it looked like that it would finish up to either 4th or 5th place. But the beloved fans of the show marched a force to reckon and conquer the first place. A fierce battle happened to become the Winner. It seemed like Animated Geet had won the contest when it finished up with 494 votes but the viewers were disappointed when the site didn’t make an official announcement and the 2nd place video kept voting for a certain period.
Finally the next day, The Website claimed that they suffered a glitch and they ensured that the results would come out ‘Fair’. Within an hour the results  were announced and Animated Geet was crowned the winner. Varun Mehta who again won an International Contest, 2nd after the Unknown World in the same year said “he had no clue about the voting and how it performed. He gave all the credit to the fans of the show who are in still love with it and made it a winner.”

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