What are some good apps/games for iPhone?

Unraveling the World of Gaming Apps for iPhones

While I'm a digital nomad by profession, during my travels and in-between my blogs, I am an self-declared iPhone gamer. It was once during a 9-hour layover at the Frankfurt airport where I discovered the addictiveness of iPhone games. Tossing and turning on the not-so-comfy chairs, trying to get some sleep, I realized I needed something to distract me. That's when I clicked on this innocuous-looking game and for the next 5 hours, I was lost in a world of challenges and surprises. It was like the universe conspired to keep me awake and introduced me to the realm of iPhone gaming. So here I am, sharing my favorites with you all.

Boost your IQ with Puzzle Games

Let's talk about a whole new world that has sprouted on our iPhone screens - the world of puzzle games. Sounds boring, right? But, I assure you, these are no ordinary jigsaw puzzles; they come packed with levels of adventure, surprise, and a lot of IQ testing. Allow me to introduce you to one of my personal favorites - Monument Valley. The game, through a sequence of optical illusions and impossible objects, throws challenges which require out-of-the-box thinking and visual creativity. It's like a battle between your left brain and right brain, and trust me, it's fascinating to witness how your brain zeroes in on the solution. And it’s not just the gameplay. The beautifully minimalistic design and mesmerizing sound effects make it an overall sensory delight.

Delve into the Strategy Game Universe

Next up is a fascinating genre that is a crowd-favorite - strategy games. They build on your planning and organization skills and keep you on your toes with every challenge. One such recommendation from my gaming diaries is Plague Inc. It’s a rather dark game where you are tasked to wipe out the human population through a plague that you create and evolve. If ruling a medieval kingdom is more up your alley, then Clash of Clans would be a game for you. Building a fortress, gathering resources, and planning attacks on enemy villages - it might remind you of your history lessons, but in a fun and interactive way, of course.

Travel to the Virtual Sports Arena

Sports lovers and fellow athletes, I got you covered too. There’s a plethora of mobile sports game that can appeal to your competitive side. NBA 2K20 brings the best of basketball to your screen with awesome gameplay and graphics, allowing you to experience the fast-paced match right on your iPhone. Or another one of my favorites, FIFA Soccer. It enables you to create your dream team and lead them to victory, a convenient feature when you aren't able to suit up and kick some real balls around! These games offer endless hours of realistic gaming experience, making you feel like a part of the game.

Unlock the Heart-Pounding Action Games

Then there are those games that leave your heart pounding and adrenaline rushing - action games. For those who love quick reflexes and electrifying combat, Infinity Blade III is the way to go. With outstanding graphics and easy-to-master swordplay, it's an epic game of sword fights through medieval fortresses filled with menacing enemies. For me, it feels like stepping into a virtual realm of battles and duels, a truly thrilling escape from the daily grind. And then there's PUBG Mobile, a battle royale that's swept the globe. It's no less than an epic survival test that hooks you to the screen till the very last second. It's intense, it's interesting and being honest, a little addictive too.

Dive into Different Worlds with Adventure Games

Last but not the least, we have the most immersive genre of games - Adventure! These are the games that tend to transport you from your couch straight into another universe. Games like Journey, an enchanting adventure where you will cross scorching deserts and climb icy peaks to reach your final destination. Or Sky: Children of Light, a visually stunning game filled with mystery and exploration. Games like Oceanhorn and Minecraft are also quite popular, especially if you enjoy navigating through diverse landscapes while overcoming challenges and solving mysteries.

So, there you have it, folks. A rundown of my favorite iPhone games, each unique and entertaining in its own way. But be warned, once you are hooked, there's no turning back. Ask me. I speak from experience. From a layover boredom-killer to becoming a passionate mobile gamer, it’s been quite a journey. But hey, it’s one I recommend! So, iPhone users, upgrade your iOS, grab that charger, and get ready to plunge into these entertaining and exciting worlds right at your fingertips. Game on!

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