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The Wonder Stone Wins ‘Public Award’ for Best Film at Summer International 2012 Contest
Sci-Fi Action thriller and documentary film ‘The Wonder Stone’ has bagged the honours of the Best Film chosen by Viewer’s Choice at Summer International 2012 Contest at Santa Barbera, US organized by the film community Film Skillet Online.  The Film has been produced and directed by Varun Mehta. The Film is about the arrival of a mysterious Alien Stone and its Interaction with six ordinary kids. The Stone gives them supersonic powers that changes their personalities and put them in life threatening and tricky situations. The film was shot in the fall of 2010 mostly at Aligarh City where the story has been based. The Film had its premiere at Wiz Studio last year on 28th of December 2011 where the whole cast and crew joined the premiere and enjoyed the film with high spirits.

Varun Mehta has also penned the story. He also says that even the movie revolves around kids. It’s the mature people who can understand the complexity and depth of the subject. Varun denied any similarities from superhero movie concepts in his film as he thinks that its not a superhero rather than a Science Fiction Based Film.
The Film was also screened at Chennai’s International Children Film Festival and enjoys critical appreciation over the Internet. On Winning the title in the Contest Varun is quite thrilled and feels that “finally his hard work got paid on a subject where he gave his two years working on the project alone giving it countless days and nights to complete. ‘The Wonder Stone’ shall be awarded 2000 $ prize from the contest organizers.


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