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Nautilus Mobile to release Android Gaming App Real Cricket 2014

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 3/29/2014 2:06:51 AM

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Nicolas Beuvin
Managing Director & Co-Founder, Nautilus Mobile

Nautilus mobile are ready to amaze people with their new free android based mobile game " THE REAL CRICKET 2014" with overwhelming graphic and real life virtual buttons and joystick features. Nautilus mobile was the winner of NGDC 2013 People's Choice award- Indie Game of the year award for their debut game Song of Swords. 

So lets welcome Mr. Nicolas to know more about him and the story behind the the game in details...

Animation Galaxy :
Tell us something about yourself & Nautilus Mobile.
Nicolas Beuvin We are a studio composed of veterans of the industry. We felt big companies were not the place for us anymore, and that there were plenty of niches we could have work in. These niches do not interest the big guys, but it can be enough for making a living, for a small team of passionate guys. 

Animation Galaxy : What is ‘Real Cricket 2014’? What is it all about?
Nicolas Beuvin When we started the project, the goal was clear. If we wanted to get noticed, we needed to come up with the best cricket simulation on mobile. So far, if you want a good simulation, you need to turn towards console or PC games like the fantastic Don Bradman 2014. But if you don’t have a 400$ console or a 700$ PC at home, and if you can’t afford a 60$ game, then you don’t have access to a good cricket simulation.

So, as you can see, the idea behind Real Cricket 2014 is pretty simple.

Animation Galaxy :
 You said, ‘Real Cricket is an ultimate Cricket Simulation’. What are the major experiences that fans can enjoy on touch screen mobiles?
Nicolas Beuvin Designing gameplay on touch screen is pretty difficult. You will never be able to have the precision a keyboard or a controller can give you. So you need to find ways to have a gameplay as precise as possible, knowing the limitation of the hardware. 

So, we went for virtual buttons and joystick, because we felt it was by far the best solution. Going for swipes and gestures on the screen would have limited us too much; we would not have been able to develop the 27 batsmen shots, nor having the precision we have for bowling.

Animation Galaxy :
 Tell us more about the features for your fans.
Nicolas Beuvin Well…as in any sports simulation…there are plenty of features. I hope cricket fans will particularly appreciate the way we modulate the strength and abilities of every players, the Artificial Intelligence, the detailed live-like animations and the serious we put in designing the fielders behavior.

Animation Galaxy :
 Do you have any hints or tips to share?
Nicolas Beuvin I can only speak for myself, but I really think players should start playing in easy mode ;-). It will take time before being familiar with all the shots and tricks in the game. There is no way you can win a world cup at your first try. The game is really realistic, your timing and technique are crucial, like in real life.

Animation Galaxy :
 We see that ‘Real Cricket’ have super graphics quality. How did you do this?
Nicolas Beuvin We have 2 of the best artists of this country with us. These guys would make Disney jealous. I am not kidding. I am still amazed with what they have done, this has simply never seen before for a cricket game on mobile, by far.

Animation Galaxy : Share some interesting incidents you experienced while making ‘Real Cricket’.
It will sound strange, but we did not have any problems. We know each other since years now, working before together for other big studios. So we all know how the other is working, what are his strengths and weaknesses, and we are able to anticipate properly. This is the advantage of a small team where everybody knows each other.

Animation Galaxy : How did you manage to bring this out so quickly?
Nicolas Beuvin Once again, this is only because we have the correct team. Not only we have the talents, but we are also working 90 hours a week minimum since the start. Nobody can do what we have done here, in such short notice.

Animation Galaxy : Its really interesting. So, when are you releasing it and at what cost?
Nicolas Beuvin We are releasing Real Cricket 2014 the 31st March on Android platform, and it will be free.

Animation Galaxy :
 Thank you Nicolas for sharing your experiences with us and all the very best for your future endeavors. 

Nicolas Beuvin It is us who thank you!

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