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Team A groups again to create inspiring stories-War Heroes of India

Posted By : Mukesh    At 6/2/2015 10:33:37 PM


Tags : Stories-War Heroes of India    

For the first time on Indian broadcasting, the unforgettable stories of gallantry of Indian Defense Services is getting transformed into an animated series called “War Heroes Of India”. 

To create this magnum scale series, Ashish S.K. the most prolific Indian animated content creator & Chief Mentor of ScreenYug – the producer of path breaking animated properties like “Krishna aur Kans” feature film, television series like Little Krishna & Shaktimaan, and numerous AD Commercials and short films with his winning core team of the afore said properties is joining hands with Major General G.D.Bakshi and his son Aditya Bakshi in this endeavor. The series will be based upon Major General G.D.Bakshi and Aditya’s original creation of graphic war novels and comic books on India’s brave soldiers, the recipients of Param Vir Chakra and Ashok Chakra of Indian Defense Services called Indian War Comics.

The animated series will be 52 episodes of 22 mins each. Every episode will be dedicated to one hero of Indian Defense Services, stories of how they lived, how they fought and how they won the wars for their beloved country. Inspiring stories of bravery and patriotism, of war and heroics will be the key content for the series.

A total of over 400 real life stories have already been researched for the series by Major General G.D. Bakshi & his team. These stories are picked from the most conspicuous acts of bravery or some daring acts of valor or self-sacrifice by the personnel of Indian Armed Forces in the presence of the enemy whether on land, at sea or in the air. This series will portray the essence of patriotism and sacrifice for the sake of our country and instill pride for our motherland.

While this animated series is primarily targeted towards kids, it will appeal to the general audience as well. The series is planned for an all India release with Hindi as the key language and dubbed in several regional languages so that audience across the country can share the moments of pride together.

On the creation of this series Major General G D Bakshi said, “A Sanskrit proverb says Yuddhasya Katha Ramya - the tales of war are enchanting. The Indian Armed Forces and BSF are some of the most combat tested forces in the world. There are hundreds of stories of great valor and sacrifice that can motivate our children and spread values of duty honor and courage among our youth. An animated series portraying these stories is the best way to instill values in today's time.” 

Ashish S K believes that, “War Heroes series is the need of the hour. We must create it with full honesty, dedication and patriotic sprit.  Animation is the only medium which provides such creative freedom which can do full justice to the war stories and the large canvas our brave heroes deserve. ” 

Director of the series Mr. Vikram Veturi said, “For generations kids have grown up in awe of super heroes from fake fantasy worlds. It is time kids and even grownups learn about real heroes of the real world. If there is a medium that can connect with this generation and do justice to the stories of our brave soldiers. It is Animation!” 

On the occasion the story editor of the series Mr. Dhrubo Banerjee said“Our national flag is more than just cloth and ink. It stands for liberty and freedom. Its stands for the history of our nation and is marked by the valor of our brave soldiers who dedicated their lives defending it.  Wars are won by weapons but fought by men. It is our duty towards our present and future generation to make them aware of these selfless men and their contributions in giving us the opportunity to live our dreams.” 

The Production Head & pipeline architect Mr. Anand Pandey feels, “War Heroes of India series raises the bar of animation production quality, the thought that every Bhartiya citizen should feel connected and inspired by the visual imagery of this show excites me.” 

The series editor and sound designer of the series J.V.Varaprasad says, “The real story that defines determination, loyalty, courage, perseverance, patience, focus, intrepidity and selflessness, the story of a real hero. It's time for real stories and not for reel stories.” 

Mr. Aditya Bakshi the executive producer of the series says, "I was driven by sheer inspiration while creating INDIAN WAR COMICS. Now seeing the same graphic still images move thru animation, makes me feel like travelling in the virtual war zones & environments. I really feel proud that I was a part of the conceptualization and visualization process to create an everlasting comics designs and TV series from India."

The series showcasing stories from real incidents promises to be a spectacular rendition of real wars in animated form. Ashish S.K. and his core team who has already won several national and international awards for their spectacular creations over the years is geared up to create another rare treat for Indian audience in animation with “War Heroes Of India”. 

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