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Review : BhootNath Returns - Entertaining Election Campaign

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 4/12/2014 12:46:03 PM


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'Bhootnath Returns' is the Sequel to 2008 hit Bhootnath, but the premise of this film completely different to the previous Installment. Amitabh Bacchan is the only actor to return and reprise his role from Bhootnath. The only similarity here is that this film also revolves around a little boy and only he can see the ghost. The film is based on India’s biggest slums – ‘Dharravi’.

Nitish Tiwari does a decent job in carryingout a social message effectively just like his last film ‘Chillar Party’.

Story -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bhootnath Returns takes off from where Bhootnath ends. After Kailashnath’s( Amitabh Bachcahn ) troubled spirit having peace, Bhootnath returns to Bhootworld and we find that all things work in Bhootworld in the exact way as humans do in their lives. Just like the government offices of citizens here, there is something similar in that Bhootworld as well, where all accounts of the spirits are taken care of. Most of the spirits make fun of Bhootnath as he fails in scaring people and because of him, the terror of the ghosts among the people has started diminishing. They mock him because a kid like ‘Banku’ couldn’t be scared of him. Out of humiliation, Bhootnath wants to returns on earth to be given one chance to finally retrieve his Image as a ghost.

Bhootnath comes to earth and meets Akhrot (Parth Bholero) who lives in Dharavi (Slum). Like the previous film,Akhrot can see him easily.

The film is filled with moments of laughter and comedy before the Interval. Slowly Bhootnath and Akhrot turn friends. Bhootnath tries to bring happiness in the kid’s life by going in some buildings of Mumbai where the spirits have taken over, and the work of people has been stalled. Bhootnath tries to help the ghosts through which their families get the money that had been stuck. The same reason, the builders gives out money to Akhrot as well. Twist comes in the tale when Bhauji (Boman Irani) also offers help to Akhrot by saving an old building from Ghosts and in turn, offers a good amount of money. This angers a Ghost and he scolds Bhootnath very badly for working in purpose of money even after dyeing, especially for a Shrewd Corrupt man, who is even charged of a murder. Akhrot refuses to do Bhauji’s task. Bhauji gets angry and threatens to kill Akhrot. Scared of the threat, Akhrot tries to convince Bhootnath to fight the elections.

Acting ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Amitabh Bacchan is evergreen, and holds you till the end. Boman Irani shines in a grey role like Bhauji, where Sanjya Mishra has also done a decent job. But the biggest USP of the film is Parth Bholerao who brings his own charm and innocence to make the film a must watch.His typical Mumbai dialect and comedy style will win your heart. In some scenes, he actually shines over the legend Amitabh himself.

Music -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Music is good. 'Party to Banti hai' & 'Har Har Gange' are already on everyone’s lips. 'Saheeb Nazar Rakhna, Maula Nazar Rakhna,  tracks are emotional and they are surely going to hold you in theatres.

Direction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nitesh Tiwari does a good job and tries to give his 100 % to the project, however the film’s pace drops post Interval. Tiwari gives out an Importance message of Voting and conveys brilliantly through this social feature film.

Surprise -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Shahrukh Khan,Anurag Kashyap and Ranbir Kapoor are there in guest appearances to lighten upyour theatre screens.

Why Watch It? ------------------------------------------------------------------------

It’s an entertaining film with a good social message. Also it has arrived at the startof the Vocations. It shouldn’t be missed.

Why not watch it? --------------------------------------------------------------------

‘BHOOTNATH RETURNS’ Na dekhnewalo Janta Maff Nahi Karegi.

Rating - 4/5

Review by - Mukesh Dube

Here is the Trailer


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