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Boss Movie Review

Posted By : Abhinav Jha    At 10/17/2013 11:21:18 AM


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Review by Amit Baliga

The Boss is always right, oops! Not this time Sir!!!
That one name which is ubiquitously found, from addressing your senior in the corporate to addressing an unknown person. Boss. That one name which gives respect, command and authority. Boss. The origin of the century old saying. Boss. Amply personified in this movie.

Akshay Kumar is the King of all entertainers and action. Since his Khiladi era, he has managed to woo us all with this wits, humor, comedy and action. Entertaining one and all. Never losing sight of the plot. And here also, the Singh is King hero proves that the Boss is always right. Ummm. Though not exactly!

Set in the land of the ancient Indian battles, Kurukshetra (read: Haryana), the movie revolves around (lots and lots of trucks) the Haryanvi ‘gangster’ Boss (Akshay Kumar) who is trying to save his brother (the not-so-smart Shiv Pandit) from the villainous cop Ronit Roy and also trying to unite him with his love and unfortunately Roy’s gorgeous sister Aditi Rao Hydari. If this was not enough, he is also trying to prove his innocence in his strict father’s eyes (the schoolmaster Mithun da) as he has messed up his childhood. And yeah, Danny is Boss’s mentor – the Big Bos

The movie has a not-so-exciting start. With too much of flashback which shows and narrates how Akshay got embroiled in one controversy after other and repeatedly reprimanded by his father in his childhood, it swiftly lands in the present where the hero is the goonda-cum-contract killer – in the guise of his operations, as the Transport King. And the songs, fights, comedy continues.

The comedy is the usual Akshay type, you can ignore a few lines but at the end, you will end up laughing (even if the person next to you was continuously guffawing). A few of the fight sequences are really good, complete with the bone cracking sounds, but overall its thanda. The music is rocking, the typical Honey Singh.

Akshay Kumar’s acting is as it was a decade ago. If you had liked him then, you would like him even today. If you had hated him then, you would. Still. The look, the carefree attitude, the style. You love him or you hate him getting irritated. Mithun da as the self-respecting father is as good as he was in Guru. Johnny Lever tries hard to do comedy with his triple act of hiccups-sneeze-coughing in one second and yes, he succeeds at times.  Shiv Pandit – don’t remember seeing him anywhere. He is good in the fights but not so good when you position him as a chocolate boy. Or atleast Aditi’s lover boy.

The pick of the movie is Ronit Roy. He shows such raw style and cold-blooded power that you might just want to put him at par with Irrfan Khan or Manoj Bajpai. Impeccable style with the Ray-Ban and the polo tees when he is not wearing his crisp uniform, he performs the negative role all the more gracefully than one would have imagined. Kudos! And of course there is the one and only Aditi Rao Hydari. Did I mention that I had come to see this movie only for her bikini scene? Come on! Of course I am kidding :P

What’s good: The young guy who plays Akshay’s childhood role. He has that look of always-ready-to-fight stuck up on his face 24X7. The underlying devotion which Akshay shows for his father inspite of the latter always thinking of him as a good-for-nothing brat and the background score might make one emotional at times. One element of suspense. (Please DON’T READ Wikipedia) The one-liners. Ronit Roy’s acting is class. The music is the complete party type. Akshay is the entertainer you always wanted. And Ms. Rao and her oomph.

What’s bad: The movie doesn’t have the revenge or vengeance factor. Sorry but yes. This is the truth. The brute force you see in the hero’s eyes when he comes to avenge his father’s near-death moment is unfortunately missing. Nowhere, absolutely nowhere, would you find the real action with all its ferocity as you would have seen in the climax of, say Dabanng – forget Commando and other Sallu fight movies. I waited. And waited. And waited for it. The movie doesn’t have the happy or excited feel throughout, plus quite a few lame moments. The romance is clearly missing between the lead characters. There is just one Boss here around whom the movie revolves. Plus Sonakshi’s guest appearance seems a complete waste.

What would sell more now: Logical product placements of Dollar Bigboss premium vests. The finger-rings with BOSS embossed. The movie is sure to rake in the majority of the moolah from the North circles. And also a bit from south as it seems to be a remake.

To watch or not to: One time watch if you have liked Housefull 2 and Welcome and can tolerate it. Yes, for Aditi and Ronit Roy. No, if you only love movies like Lunch-box and Ship of Theseus.

3 stars. Could have been much better. And longer. Especially the bikini sequence ;) But it was surely not worth the match which I missed :(
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