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Krrish 3 Movie Review

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 11/4/2013 1:03:33 PM


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Review by Amit Baliga
I am a superhero faaaaan, a biology student and loved the first half of Hulk as much as the one post interval. So my super-excitement for superheroes is justfied in this super-long post.

First things first. Nothing in the world is original. Not you, not me, we are all replicas of our parents, through the DNA. Forget us, everything is the universe is made up star-stuff! And random permutation and combinations of H, O, N and C. Then why do we criticize movies saying it is copied? The acclaimed LOTR was adapted from novels. Oscars are there for Adapted Screenplays. Yes, only a JRR or Leonardo Da Vinci or Einstein can be original. Respect. Rest all is inspired or copied. We are not original. Lets accept that. We love to imitate. To copy. The Best. So what? Its not plagiarism. If we don’t claim it to be original, it should be fine. Now that we are clear, lets move ahead.

Krrish 3 is an epic superhero Bollywood movie, not only for the VFX used but also for the sheer efforts put in without messing it up. It raises the standard which the earlier editions had created. It is the backbone of Indian sci-fi and superheroes, which, lets say, Mr. India had started and Shaktimaan popularised. Yes, here 90% of the movie is copied from Hollywood blockbusters, mostly from the X-Men (you can clearly tell which character here is who in the inspirational one) and bits of Superman, Terminator and the like. And we all know that. But the way the movie is showcased is brilliant stuff. No mess-ups which I had anticipated. I mean, I clearly believe most of the special effects are Hollywood standard inspite of being original, not cut-copy-paste from a dozen ones like Ra.One. Yes, there are flaws. Chaand pe bhi to daag hai na, still the ‘nirjal vrat’ Karwachauth lady sees it before her husband, right? So lets accept stuff which is good and ignore the rest!

Starting with the typical Marvel type overview-recollection of the previous episodes, the movie shows the grownup Krrish with Priya, his dad, their research, the evil Kaal, his research and ‘search’ and the fights with a unique desi twist at the end.

It also showcases biowarfare, mutation, Genetic Engineering along with love, romance, revenge and action. A dozen others might have tried but Krrish 3 doesn’t fail here. It passes well. Where it doesn’t do too good is the slow pace in between the awesome scenes, the avoidable character building, the poor songs and the lack of energy towards the climax (a very well wasted effort there)

By now you would have got a good dose of all the creations of Kaal and their powers. The good part is they are not without reason in the movie. The purpose is shown very clearly and their existence justified. The fight scenes with them involved are really good. Commendable by our standards. What I mean is don’t compare them with a Bryan Singer or Joss movie. But yeah, its good as per our standards. The VFX doesn’t appear ch*****pa (I noticed a couple of such scenes in D3) and I am glad for that.

Action deserves a special mention here. You would be reminded of Man of Steel. Of Avengers. With Antilla being demolished, the Mumbai touch is at its pinnacle. No, bridges are not moved yet. But every frame is oh-la-la.

The most important part to remember is this – a superhero movie can be made and well addressed to its fanboys only and only when there is a concrete base of storyline with his powers and villains known beforehand. In short, a novel to have explained everything earlier. In this case, it is very difficult to explain the powers and concept after the movie is out – the director needs to define the concept, create it, exemplify it, justify it and then see its results! Phew. Totally unjust. Superman shoots laser with his eyes and we clap because we have been reading about it since 1930s but Krrish flies at Mach 3 and we say WTF! Not justified na!

Hrithik is at his best as Krrish with the raw and intense look on his face, though not good as Krishna but very good as the dad Mr Mehra too. Piggy Chops is the eye candy. Kangana seems to finally act somehow. And the most impt- Vivek Oberoi as Kaal. In the first half, he looks as if why-am-I-here and feels like trying too hard now-that-I-am-already-here (I missed Naseer) but gradually in the second half (watch to know why I differentiated like this) brings the fear alive. His best role till date, post SAL. I am sure he has watched Dr. Hannibal Lecter dozens of times! He partially succeeds.

There is something else which I would love to explain and defend (dozens out there would be making fun of this but I stand my ground, the superhero fanboy I am) – Everything in the world is transformed by love/lust and can work wonders: herein a mutated organism changes her/its ‘heart’ when she is touched lovingly/lustfully (again, you need to watch the movie to know more!). Secondly, new concepts are always defined and created (you would understand more only after watching the movie) Its like the post-dated cheque. Now, you cannot say Prof. Charles Xavier being alive in X-Men DOFP after being departiculated earlier or Agent Colson alive in Avengers AOU after being dead is properly justified and correct on one hand and say “dimaag wala filter” concept and the light particles are crap and kiddish! Dude, there is a theory behind it, just waiting for it to be revealed on time. Just because its not in novels and unknown to us doesn’t mean its crap!!! Sci-fi and superhero movies have this freedom to experiment and do a comeback.

Time for FilmKraft to come up with a novel or atleast sponsor me to write for them

Overall, the movie is a must-watch for all those who love fights, biology, Hrithik, superheroes and Shaktiman.

Improvements could have been made in the pumping of energy towards climax and removal of unneccessary songs. For those who only worship Cameron and Speilberg, go and watch Gravity again.

4/5 for the supervillains and fights. You wouldn’t want to give them a miss at all.
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