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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Review

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 12/6/2013 2:31:34 PM


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Review by Prashant Singh - Marketing Head - Wiz Studio

The Amazing Spider-man 2 Trailer is finally out, and It seems that It already looks like nothing less of a blockbuster. Carrying the franchise forward, the film is crucial to the studio as the last film, however a big box office hit, couldn’t repeat the success of the previous 3 spiderman films by Sam Raimi. However, this one shows a lot of promise and It just might do the trick for its makers.

We decided to play a little and do a little short review on the trailer of this Anticipated movie.

The Trailer opens with Peter (Andrew Garfield) falling from the sky and swinging through the buildings as Spider-man. He speaks to himself about his tough job of saving people and making more enemies. Then it moves further showing him in action. Rhino shows up and his interaction with his girlfriend Gwen stacy, then Harry Osborn enters the scene who looks kinda creepy. Peter seems confused with Aunt May as he feels she is not telling him what he should know, then Aunt May replies ‘Secrets have a cost’. Peter sneaks into a secret isolated place where he discovers a video of his father (Richard Parker) is revealing some secret about his research and Oscorp. and you see glimpses of Oscorp Lab and the Supervillian Electro. Harry is shown asking someone about Peter and the person replies to him that ‘Not Everyone has a happy ending’. Then the flow starts showing Spider-man and the characters in action. Electro shows up in the last part of the trailer. It ends up with Electro attacking Peter.

Notes : 1) It seems this time, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy may not have a stronger role like she had in earlier film. But this is just an assumption at the moment.

2) The Suit looks good and the Spider-man looks neat in motion. However, he looks a bit skinny. Wish he was a little bulked up, anyways still it pretty good.

3) Rhino is shown lesser in the trailer compared to the other villians.

4) Looks like Spider-man is going to take on 3 super villains alone. Interestingly, In the last Spider-man film of Sam Raimi Franchise, Spiderman had to face three super villains. 

What’s Good : Almost everything, Looks like a great superhero film and a total entertainer. The Special Effects looks amazing and the costumes, set up, designs looks fascinating.

What’s Bad : Nothing really, just the trailer can look like a video game to some who watch it for the first time. 

Rating : 4/5
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