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PK Review

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 12/22/2014 6:05:56 PM

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Review by Amit Baliga

Rating  5/5

Living away from you home, many times you have too much of hotel food, tiffin food, spicy oil food and you crave for homemade ghar ka khana. One morsel of it and the mere taste makes you feel like you achieved jannat. PK is that one super-fresh awakening which shakes you from your daily grind and forces you to take a relook at life, at things you daily do.

The only childish flavor to it is the depiction of the protagonist's origin. As every artist needs a canvas, RH has imagined one.

Otherwise, the movie is a super-brilliant, amazing piece of art. It has a very, very hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, question-the-obvious take on our daily assumptions, beliefs, fear and monotony. It gives a completely new, third person perspective to what we do - something that we fail to see as we ourselves are super-engulfed in it and would never, ever be able to see! Rarely ever you come across such passionate storytelling that you clap out of, not just excitement, but because somewhere deep inside, you too feel the same.

It mixes beliefs, philosophy, religions, faith, self confidence, hope with love in such a beautiful manner that you sit and wonder if you witnessed a fairy tale come true. The messaging conveyed gets soaked up as diligently as the pav soaks up butter in pav-bhaji! Smooth, silky, like a breeze. Like a bath with a new soap has its fragrance on you for sometime, this 'experience' remains with you, till you savor & digest it.

Aamir's dialogues are worth of being noted down, Anushka is as pretty as your dream girl and the story, I repeat, gives you a fresh, mint-wala Close-Up ki taazi saans!

Could personally associate with almost all scenes shown and hence these kind words. Make your week, go and see.

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