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Interview with Shiva Shankar Natarajan - IPPADIKKU ( YOURS TRULY ) Best Live Film at Animday Awards

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 11/2/2014 11:10:47 PM


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Shiv Shankar is very passionate about film right from his college days. Have acted and directed stage shows. After College, he tried to get into live action films to work under a director, but ended up into animation as that interested him. Have worked in various TV Episodes and DVD movies as a Lighting Artist. After years of working in Studio setup, he always planned to make a live film and that's how ‘Ippadikku’ happened.

Tell us a little about your background?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : I am from Salem, Tamil Nadu. I did my Engineering (BE-EEE) in Chennai in 2002. I choose Animation as my career and began as a Lighting Artist. Currently based in Pune, working for an app designing studio which develops interactive story apps for kids.

What was the Idea behind "IPPADIKKU ( YOURS TRULY )" ?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : The Crux of the story sparked, when I heard about my colleague’s grandpa expiry. She and her grandpa used to communicate in letters for a very very long time. He doesn't miss a week. He writes to her every week. When I heard about his demise, the first thing to strike my mind was, 'Who will write her letters ?' again.

What are the challenges you have faced during "IPPADIKKU ( YOURS TRULY )" ?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : The major challenges were, shooting the short-film with Sync Sound and VFX.

Sync-Sound: Few good takes had to be re-shoot because of Noise disturbances, but the end result were so satisfactory with real sounds. Credit to our Music Director Arun Suradhaa, who was confident about it and worked this out successfully.

VFX: The entire Post-Office sequence was shot in a College and a brilliant VFX work by Suresh Narayanan, made the Post-Office sequence believable.

What inspired you for "IPPADIKKU ( YOURS TRULY )" creation?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : Once the idea strike, I happened to visit GPO-Pune to collect a Parcel.

The moment I entered the Building, I started feeling nostalgic. It reminded my childhood days when we used to often visit PO to buy Inland Letters/Post Cards/Stamps or to post Letters/Greeting Cards. We had a beautiful relation with our Postman, who keeps us waiting and delivers happiness.

I couldn't even remember the last time, I visited a Post-Office and wondered if the current generation with so much technology around them to communicate to anyone, anywhere in the world quickly will ever try Letter writing.

These things really inspired us to design our screenplay, such that a school going boy writes a letter to his mom to make her happy. We didn't want to give any message, but whoever watch this short-film especially the children should feel, how much happiness it gives to people who miss them dearly.

How do u feel being a Best Live Film at Animday Awards 2014 ? What does this award mean to you?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : 
This was truly a special moment as it was our 1st award after getting nominated in 6 international film festivals. This recognition will definitely push us forward to make more meaningful films.

What have been some favorite recent projects?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : Filmistaan, The Fault in our Stars & I.

What does “being creative” mean to you?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : Keep it Simple.

What is a source of inspiration that is not art/design related?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : Characters inspire me. Most times, an interesting character makes me to scribble stories around them.

What are you most proud of?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : One viewer had asked for the Postal address to Heaven. He wanted to write letter to his Mom, after watching Ippadikku.  We can't ask for more.

If you could collaborate with anyone in this world, dead or alive, who would it be?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan Wish to work/assist with Director Manirathnam.

Are you involved in any upcoming shows or events? Where and when?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : NA

What did you want to be when you grew up, and are you surprised where you ended up?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : Frankly, I didn't have any goal until my 2nd year Engineering. Core & IT jobs never interested me. That's when I started to plan my career in film-making. After 11 years into animation, the surprising part is, 'Why it took me so long to make a live-film?'

What advise can you give to Filmmakers who are just beginning?
- Just give your best within your limit.
- Build a trust-able team and never hesitate to approach the right resource.
Never worry too much about the viewers response. 

What do you think is the success formula for a hit Film?
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : India is celebrating 100 years of Cinema and we still have 10% success rate. There is no such formula.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our viewers.
Shiva Shankar Natarajan : Try writing a letter to your dear ones and gift them a happy moment. 

Thank you Shiva Shankar Natarajan for sharing your experiences with us and all the very best for your future endeavors.  

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