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Interview with Abeer Malik

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 1/15/2015 2:27:12 AM


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Tell us a little about your background?
Abeer Malik : Hello! My name is Abeer Malik.  While in school I loved Maths and other science subjects, but I somewhere inside me sketching took deep roots from my childhood.  So after school I decided to explore a career in the Arts. And I have never regretted my decision.

How do u feel being the Best Digital Painter at Animday Awards2014 ? What does this award mean to you?
Abeer Malik : I was on the ninth sky … I never imagined that I would get this prize in my life.  But yes I was also confident that I could work hard to give it my best.  This award changed my life.  It not only brings with it the responsibility to achieve better and better to retain the position, but also places the work and the artist on a pedestal to be emulated as a role model.  And that is a new awareness that has dawned on me.

Tell us something about BOSTO Tablet?
Abeer Malik : I really would like to thank Animday that gave me the Bosto as a prize.  Bosto is a tablet that every digital artist dreams about.  It has a big screen that connects to any PC or laptop, and a resolution that is able to portray pixel for pixel very clearly.  Its excellent pressure sensitive pen is comfortable to hold and work with.  It has taken my digital art to next level.

What does “being creative” mean to you?
Abeer Malik : Hmmm ... good question.  I think “being creative” doesn't actually mean how creative a person you are. It actually means how you observe your target object and think creatively, uniquely and differently about it in a way that no other artist visualizes.  I always get inspired by photographs and did only portraits, not very long ago.  Now also I largely do portraits but I try to show some personal feeling and touch in it.  So for me, being creative means how much of your own feeling you can “paint” into what you create.

What is a source of inspiration that is not art/design related?
Abeer Malik : I never wanted to be a simple girl.  I have big dreams and I know, you always achieve in direct proportion to what you dream.  I really want to achieve them.  So whenever I feel low with a lack of inspiration, I talk myself into my dreams, asking myself what I really want in my life.  And that way I regain my inspiration.  I think that talking to oneself and dreaming can push you to achievement.

What are you most proud of?
Abeer Malik : Am a self taught artist, coming from a very humble family where “art” is not really encouraged.  I have never attended any class of Art in my life.  I am a hard working girl and I am proud that I have been able to reach a pinnacle that is pushing me to further achievements.

If you could collaborate with anyone in this world, dead or alive, who would it be?
Abeer Malik : It would be my mother ... because she was very cheerful, supportive and alive in nature.  I always feel her absence. So I think if she would come back to me, I could do much better in my chosen field.

Are you involved in any upcoming shows or events? Where and when?
Abeer Malik : Well, yes… I do keep on the lookout for platforms to give wider exposure to my work.  The AGAFA organized by the Society for Animation in Delhi has been one such platform, where I regularly send my entries.  They have also offered to host an entire show of my digital paintings at the next AGAFA.  Anim Day itself is a platform I would like to keep returning to.  Besides, there are plenty of international online platforms, like the Graphics Society, Shadowness, etc. where my work receives a lot of exposure and appreciation.

What did you want to be when you grew up, and are you surprised where you ended up?
Abeer Malik : As I have told you I was in love with Mathematics, and wanted to be an Architect.  But my circumstances did not favour me with that pursuit at that time.  So I took to traditional art and again fortune played tricks with me.  So one fine day I decided to be a Digital Artist ... and yes I am surprised because when I didn't know much about digital painting, I didn't like it at all.  But when I started teaching myself digital painting seriously, it turned out to be much more difficult than I thought.  I took it as challenge and see … here I am – the winner of Animday.

What advise can you give to artists who are just beginning?
Abeer Malik : I don't think I would be the right person to advise as I am also new to this field.  But I would certainly like to suggest don't restrict yourself to your institute to learn digital painting.  Internet is full of learning resources - tons of videos on youtube and other tutorials to help you out.  Watch them and practice as much as you can.  And also for learning buy any low price pen tablet.  Don't get infatuated with costly tablets, because for practice purposes, you only need a simple pen tablet.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our viewers?
Abeer Malik : I don’t think I am a good speaker, but yes I want to say, “follow your dreams, never look back, do what you really want to do, because this is the only way you can make yourself and your loving ones happy.

Thank you  Abeer Malik for sharing your experiences with us and all the very best for your future endeavors.

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