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Interview with Martin Ruyant, Principal, Head of Studies- DSK Supinfocom International Campus

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 5/6/2014 1:11:32 PM


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Give us a brief about your background?
I have worked as a director, animator and render artist for leading companies such as Studio AKA, HMX Media and Partizan in the UK, providing services to a variety of clients (Sony, L’Oreal, Universal…). I have also been associated with NID, Ahmedabad as a guest lecturer. I hold a Master of Arts in Animation from the Royal College of Art in London and have graduated from Supinfocom France as a Digital Director. I have been associated with DSK Supinfocom since 2008 and am now responsible for an array of domains, such as Overall Management, Curriculum Development, Recruiting, Industry Tie-Ups, and Marketing & Branding.

Do you see potential scope in the future of animation industry in India?
The demand for animation is huge all over the world and is not going anywhere. But in India, the potential for growth is greater as we already have a strong film industry and the market is in dire need of good animators. There is a rich talent pool in India and but it needs to be properly nurtured.

Throw some light on various career options in this field?
Animation movies typically require hundreds of animators and there is a wide variety of different skill sets sought after on such productions. With the passion and commitment to work hard, animation can be a fulfilling and lucrative career option. Animation & VFX are used widely in many areas like TV, films, ads, video games, 3D visualization, architecture, etc. Because the industry is growing so fast, there is a constant demand for skilled professionals for both Indian and international studios.

What are the specific skills of a successful animator?
You need to be creative, have a good sense of observation and a solid artistic and film culture. As far as soft skills go, you need to work well with others and be able to put your ego aside. And last but not least, as mentioned, you need to be willing to work hard.

How does the institute facilitate entrepreneurship amongst students?
When we get students in the first year of the programme, we slowly transition them from the cocoon they often come from to real life projects. This is done over the course of 5 years, with the goal being that by the end of the programme, students should be completely independent. We regularly invite high-profile speakers (animation companies’ CEOs, established filmmakers etc.) to talk about their experience of entrepreneurship, be it starting a company or a film project.

We also at all times encourage students to be independent thinkers, which is required when you want to lead and not simply follow.

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