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Designers Are Flipping Over What FlipBuilder Can Do

Posted By : Mukesh    At 02-06-2014 21:18:35


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What is FlipBuilder? It is an exciting, simple way to work with PDFs of all types, bringing them to life with turning pages in the form of online eBooks, magazines, brochures, catalogues and textbooks. FlipBuilder has showcased some of their customers’ work online to illustrate the versatility of their digital publishing programs.

The Customer Showcase has been so well-received that the company is planning to revise the Showcase to give it more prominence on the site. Therefore, FlipBuilder invites customers who have completed successful projects using their programs and would like to widen exposure to apply for a position in the Customer Showcase. They should contact FlipBuilder by sending an email to the FlipBuilder Support Team.

For information on the many ways FlipBuilder can contribute to effective communication, check the basic site The FlipBuilder software programs that are available on the website are simple to use with a few clicks. They apply to publishing 3D flip books, online magazines, newspapers, business brochures, corporate reports, event leaflets and flyers, annual reports, newsletters, educational books, interactive books, product catalogues and other types of multi-page documents.

The amazing growth of eBooks during recent years and the availability of the many devices on which they can be read makes the transition into adapting the concept to other uses very logical. FlipBuilder has realized that and now provides businesses with many options to fit their individual needs. One important aspect of the convenient FlipBuilder process is the variety of flexible templates for all software. They enable the creation of unique and beautiful publications which readers can handle with ease. The FlipBuilder staff is always available to work with customers and to find the best solution for what they want to do.

Have a look at the FlipBuilder Showcase:

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