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Interview with Sudeshna Dutta - Handmade Animation Studio, Puppet & Fabrication Artist

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 6/2/2013 11:15:39 PM


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Tell us little bit about who you are? Who do you work for? What is your job profile?
Since my school day I was fond of handicrafts,also playing with puppets, making new dress and jewellery for them, styling them was my favourite pass time. During my high school, the love for my puppets was left behind my cupboards.After completing my Graduation I joined Arena Animation Chowringee (kolkata) to have a diploma on Animation. During the course my hidden love for puppets suddenly grew up. I was introduced to Stopmotion as a part of a student’s film.Soon after that I was offered to Handmade Animation Studio that was the best blessed thing that happened to me. Now I came to realise why I was so fond of puppets. I loved my work and improve it. I work for Handmade Animation Studio as a Puppet and Fabricating artist.

Since how long you have been working in the animation industry? 
I have been working since last year.

Name few of the projects that you've worked in the past?
From Jan2011 I started my first Stopmotion Animation student film in Arena Animation Chowringee (kolkata) with our group.
Recently I have also worked in a project “Ashur Binashani” with Handmade Animation Studio.

Briefly describe your job. 
Soon after the character design has been approved by our director, the design is sent to the rig department and puppet department. Now in puppet department we make a model of the characters, after completing we go to the next step of making mould of it in the meantime the rig department makes the rig and now the puppet department with the rig transform the total thing into a character with GM Foam Latex and thus a character is baked, after a character is done it is the cleaned and coloured, now as per the character design the costume is made alone with other props as per the need. Completing the total process it is then ready to animate.

What is your favourite tool for fabricating? 
Being a puppet and fabricating artist my hands are my best tool and my imaginations are my favourite machine their combination results me thebest stopmotion feature.

Share some interesting experience you have experienced while making 'Ashur Binashni' 
During the pre-production while the script was been pen down there were lot of interesting activities that took place in Handmade, sometimes the writer was asked to perform as a Durga or Mahishaure in order design the characters. It was new journey for me to work as a puppet artist the material Latex was the hero of the total process, I need to learn the techniques then apply it, practice was the thing that helped me a lot and encouragement is something which we always get in Handmade.

Is it difficult to identically replicate so many models? 
To present the replica exactly how its looks to its original character and maintaining everything accurate right from its costume, size of the hair to its props. It is always a challenge to identically replicate the models.

How do u feel being a writer of 'Ashur Binashni' and what was the hardest thing during writing?
“Ashur Binishani” is based on the mythological story of goddess Durga. Being a Bengali the mythological story of Maa Durga is within us, so for me it was a great experience writing the story we came to listen from the very childhood. I enjoyed the fullest. 

How do u feel being a 1st runner up in stop motion category at creative minds 2012? What does this award mean to you? 
The effort our team gave in “High Pressure ” (stopmotion film) , it was expected to come first. But something lacked somewhere. But for us it was a great achievement. An award is always a token of best wishes, it inspires me to work better.

5 things you want to do in near future?
- Work better
- Learn more
- Overcome my flaws
- Keep trying unless I succeed
- Last but not the least is to be a good human being

What inspired you to choose a careeras aPuppet and FabricationArtist ? How did you go about pursuing it?
When I was in my institute I was not so fond of 2d medium, suddenly I was introduced to a medium called “stopmotion” where I worked as a fabrication artist, I was attracted towards it, it has a world of its own, a real feel, everyday it’s a challenge, every time I get to learn new things, it is me and my skill which is represented through my puppets and their style.

How do you feel your work has progressed since you started your career? 
Last year whenI was running after my dreams I got the opportunity to work with Handmade Animation Studio, I had a very few knowledge about stopmotion techniques. But with the practice and applying whatever I learnt before I have progressed since my first day and lot to be done alone with the time period, after all “practice makes a man perfect”.

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